Hire a Private Jet to Antwerp

Antwerp is the second biggest city in Belgium and offers visitors a unique blend of historical sights and attractions with hip, modern hospitality. Travelling to Antwerp on a private jet ensures you have the freedom and flexibility to experience everything the city has to offer.

What Can You Do In Antwerp?

Whether you are looking to visit one of the many museums, take a guided bike tour of the city or divulge in the incredible cuisine, the only challenge you will have is choosing exactly how you want to spend your time in luxury.

Explore Het Steen Castle and the Grote Markt

The Grote Markt (Great Market Square) of Antwerpen (Antwerp), Belgium. It is a town square situated in the heart of the old city quarter of Antwerpen. Cityscape of Antwerp.
Visit Grote Markt

Antwerps oldest building, Het Steen Castle is a medieval fortress that served as the city’s defence and was built in the 13th-century. Take in the views from outside the walls and combine this experience with a trip to the Grote Markt, a town square in the heart of the city that includes bars, restaurants and 16th-century buildings. It is also close walking distance to the Scheldt river.

Wander Through the Diamond District

Antwerp, Antwerp Province / Belgium — 11.11.2017: De Keyserlei Street in the Diamond Quarter ("Diamantkwartier"). In the right: Claus & Orsini diamond shop.
Go shopping in the diamond district

When you think of diamonds you often think of Antwerp, as the city has been known as the diamond capital of the world since the mid-1400s. Visit the Diamond District to view some of the many shops and see how the rough and polished diamonds are dealt in the trading markets.

Visit Antwerpen Centraal - Central Station

Antwerp, Belgium cityscape at Centraal Railway Station from night till dawn.
Wander in the centraal

Central Station in Antwerp is widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful train stations. Be sure to take in the brilliant grandeur of the outside of the station, but to truly appreciate its stunning beauty you must explore the inside, especially the main hall.

Boutique Shopping

Some of the world's most iconic and luxury boutique stores can be found in Antwerp and offer an opulent shopping experience. There are many Belgian designer stores as well as the likes of Hermés, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The substantial options will provide endless opportunities.

Where to Eat in Antwerp

With Michelin-starred restaurants and fine-dining cuisine, Antwerp has options to appease any appetite.

Zilte is located on the top floor of the Museum by the River and includes a calm ambiance with stunning views over the river Scheldt. The gastronomic experience includes six- and eight-course tasting menus and a delectable dessert menu.

The Jane is a two-star Michelin restaurant with tasting menus that can be tailored to your individual taste or needs and can be paired with an expansive selection of wines.

Another two-star Michelin experience, Resto Nuance plays host to fine wine, excellent food and great company. Award-winning sommelier Steven Wullaert can assist you with choosing which wine to pair with your decadent dish.

Where Should You Stay in Antwerp?

Antwerp is home to a fine mix of luxury and boutique hotels in excellent locations to help make your visit as relaxed and care-free as possible.


This four-star hotel is housed within a majestic building that illuminates a Neoclassical style. Hotel FRANQ also includes a Michelin-starred restaurant and is centrally located and within walking distance of the Market Place and the Cathedral of Our Lady. The hotel also offers bicycle rentals to explore the city.

Hotel ’T Sandt

A boutique hotel that is centrally located in Antwerp, Hotel ’T Sandt is a perfect spot for luxury travellers and is close to many of the city’s best bars and restaurants. An outdoor courtyard with a large terrace provides beautiful views of the Cathedral and can be enjoyed with a coffee to start your morning or a cocktail to end your day.

Hyllit Hotel Antwerp

Located close to Central Station and in the heart of the Diamond District, Hyllit Hotel is a combination of modern and luxury accommodation. The Gran Duca rooftop restaurant prides itself in French-Italian cuisine and includes picturesque views of the city.

Land-In or Take-Off From Antwerp With LunaJets

Exploring Antwerp on your own time and taking in everything the city has to offer has never been easier. Take a private jet to Antwerp to find that perfect diamond for your significant other or hire a private jet to take a trip with the family in style.

Whatever you decide, renting a private jet to Antwerp will provide you with the luxury experience you want and LunaJets is ready to accommodate your every need.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Antwerp?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Antwerp International Airport for travel to and from Antwerp.