Hire a Private Jet to Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is the fifth-most populated city in Australia. This area is known for their love of art, their incredible food and their interesting festivals.

What can you do in Adelaide?

The fun never stops with all of the things to do in Adelaide, which is why it’s a great place to rent a private jet charter to explore. There’s something for everyone, whether your interest is in the arts or in the exotic species that can only be found in the country.

Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval  Stadium
Attend a match at the Oval Stadium

Become captivated by the energy and history of the Adelaide Oval and even hear the roar of a 50,000-strong crowd if you attend a sporting event. The Oval has an iconic status in South Australia, and you can easily book a stadium tour of the entire arena or take part in family-friend activities and events while you're there.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market world's largest food mecca
Discover new culinary specialties

With over 1 million kilograms of fresh produce delivered to Adelaide Central Market every month, this place is a foodie's dream and one of the world's largest food mecca for multicultural cuisine. You'll find specialty meats, like kingaroo, and seasonal fruits to enjoy while in Adelaide. There are also plenty of bakeries, patisserie, cafes and eateries where you can grab a bite.

Art Gallery of South Australia

Interior of the Art Gallery of South Australia
Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

Known as one of the most significant visual arts museums in all of Australia, the Art Gallery of South Australia is home to almost 45,000 works of art. It is renowned for its collection of Australian art and for hosting numerous exhibits throughout the year, like the annual Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

Where to Stay in Adelaide?

Adelaide is a beautiful city, but your trip won’t be complete if you don’t have the perfect accommodation. Fortunately, there are plenty of luxury hotels, lodges and manors to choose from.

Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Thorngrove Manor Hotel
Stay at the Thorngrove Manor Hotel

Just 20 minutes away from the city center of Adelaide sits the proud and quintessential Thorngrove Manor Hotel. This luxury accommodation has won many awards and was most recently commended with the 'Most Intimate Bedroom' award of the SLH awards 2020. Built to look like a baroque castle, you'll be treated like royalty as this lavish hotel.

Mayfair Hotel

Mayfair Hotel
Stay at the Mayfair Hotel

As the newest five-star boutique hotel in Adelaide, the Mayfair Hotel offers endless luxury and an unparalleled experience. The building was previously the iconic heritage-listed Colonial Mutual Life Building and features 170 elegant rooms, with plenty of chic restaurants and bars within. This accommodation won the 'Best 5-star Hotel in Australia' by Trivago 2019 as well as many other awards.

Mount Lofty House Adelaide Hills

Mount Lofty House Adelaide Hills
Stay at the Mount Lofty House Adelaide Hills

Wine lovers should book a stay at the Mount Lofty House in Adelaide Hills. This lavish hotel is often booked for large parties and the 30-acre estate produces its own Sequoia sparkling.

Where to Eat in Adelaide?

Although there's no Michelin guide in Australia, there is no shortage of good food and impressive restaurants in Adelaide. Many of these restaurants below can easily match the quality and service of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Georges on Waymouth

Another hidden gem is Georges on Waymouth, an award-winning Mediterranean and European-inspired restaurant situated in the heart of Adelaide. This restaurant is known for their attention to detail and their ability to create sophisticated and elegant edible culinary art.

Riverside Restaurant

Enjoy authentic Adelaide cuisine at Riverside Restaurant, an award-winning restaurant and bar. This restaurant offers modern Australian fusion dishes that uses the best seasonal ingredients and produce from local suppliers.

Vue de monde

Enjoy a delicious meal and get a great view of the entire city at Vue de monde. This restaurant is 55 floors up and the perfect place for a romantic date.

What events to attend in Adelaide?

Adelaide is known for hosting major events and festivals. It's often been named as the Great Wine Capital of the World, so you'll find plenty of wine tastings.

Cellar Door Fest

One of the largest food and drink festivals in Adelaide is the Cellar Door Fest. This festival brings together more than 100 of South Australia's leading food, wine and spirit producers, so it’s the best place to get a taste of all the various wines produced in this area.

Adelaide Film Festival

Established in 2003, Adelaide Film Festival is the best place for a peak at new films, arts and interactive projects. It’s a biennial, eleven-day celebration of Australia’s screen culture, and a great place to find new talent.

Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art

Patrons of the arts cannot miss out on the Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. It's the perfect place to find new talent and to also admire famous pieces. Mediums include photography, painting, sculpture, textiles, moving images, live art, performances and more.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Adelaide?

The closest major airport to Adelaide is Adelaide Airport (ADL/YPAD), which is just 11 km away from the city center. This airport sees over 8 million passengers every year and is the fifth-busiest airport in Australia.
Have your leisure charter drop you off at an airport that’s closest to your intended destination, whether you want to grab a meal right after arriving or whether you’d appreciate stopping at your hotel for a shower or a quick nap.