Hire a Private Jet to Aberdeen

Ascend to the skies on a private jet and descend into Aberdeen, the storied Granite City gracing Scotland’s dramatic coast. Where mediaeval history whispers through the streets, Aberdeen unfolds as a sanctuary of Scottish charm and contemporary luxury. Private jet travel with LunaJets transforms your Scottish escapade into an epitome of exclusivity and elegance, offering unparalleled access to Aberdeen’s cultural tapestry and serene landscapes.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Aberdeen?

Located in Dyce, about 25 minutes’ drive form the city, Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) is home to the world’s busiest heliport and Scotland’s second busiest airport. It accommodates any type of aircraft and is used to welcome private jet travellers all year round.

Which kind of aircraft is available to land on Aberdeen?

Here is a selection of private aircraft that you can use for your private flight to Aberdeen. Selecting the right aircraft is essential to making the most of your trip. The ideal aircraft will vary according to your specific needs and chosen destination. For more details, contact one of our business aviation advisers.

Seats: 10

Speed: 440 kts | 816 km/h

Range: 4000 nm | 7408 km

Seats: 9

Speed: 469 kts | 870 km/h

Range: 3682 nm | 6819 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 431 kts | 800 km/h

Range: 2450 nm | 4537 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

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What Can You Do in Aberdeen?

Embrace Aberdeen’s unique blend of history, leisure, and Scottish tradition with activities curated for those who travel with distinction and taste.

Golfing at Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

Overlooking the North Sea, the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club offers golfers a historic and challenging links course with stunning sea views and vibrant gorse blooms.
Experience Golfing Heritage at Royal Aberdeen

Delve into a golfing experience steeped in history at the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club. Founded in 1780 and graced by the architectural hands of the Simpson Brothers and James Braid, this course presents a melding of tradition with the modern game. With its challenging links and captivating sea views, golfers relish the opportunity to navigate the same grounds that have hosted legends. Visitors with a handicap of 24 or under can enjoy the championship Balgownie Links, ensuring a memorable round in Scotland’s golfing landscape.

Whisky Tasting at Glen Garioch Distillery

Glen Garioch Distillery, renowned for its traditional Scotch whisky, welcomes connoisseurs to its historic stone building for tastings and tours in Scotland.
Book Your Authentic Whisky Tasting Experience

Step into the venerable world of Scotch whisky with a visit to Glen Garioch Distillery, one of the oldest operating distilleries in Scotland. Here, a whisky connoisseur leads you through aged barrels and a tasting of distinct single malts. You'll uncover the subtleties of flavour and tradition that have shaped Scottish whisky, savouring the spirit in its purest form.

Castle Trail Exploration

Dunnottar Castle stands on a rugged clifftop near Aberdeen, part of the dramatic and historic Castle Trail, inviting exploration into Scotland's noble heritage.
Explore Scotland's Majestic Dunnottar Castle

The Castle Trail promises an adventure through Aberdeenshire's royal past. Embark on a journey across scenic landscapes to explore ancient castles, from the cliff-top ruins of Dunnottar to the baronial splendour of Balmoral. This self-guided or chauffeured excursion offers a glimpse into centuries of history, art, and architecture, accompanied by tales that bring the stony halls to life.

Where Should You Stay in Aberdeen?

Retire to accommodations where comfort marries tradition, ensuring your stay in Aberdeen is wrapped in luxury.

The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa

Room at the Marcliffe Hotel and Spa
Stay at the Marcliffe Hotel and Spa

At The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa, exclusivity meets relaxation. This privately-owned resort offers a reprieve with its spa treatments, locally-sourced cuisine, and the plush comfort of its rooms and suites. Set on sprawling grounds just outside the city centre, it serves as your personal sanctuary in Aberdeen.

Skene House Whitehall

Skene House Whitehall stands prominently in Aberdeen's cityscape, offering luxurious suite accommodation that combines self-catering flexibility with full-service amenities.
Enjoy Luxury Living at Skene House Whitehall

Skene House Whitehall offers an elegant alternative to traditional hotel stays, providing suites that blend the freedom of self-catering with the services of a luxury hotel. Located in the heart of the city, it delivers a refined home-away-from-home experience, complete with all the amenities desired by the discerning traveller.

The Chester Hotel

Room at The Chester Hotel.
Stay at The Chester Hotel

Stay at The Chester Hotel, an epitome of modern sophistication. Located in the West End, it boasts a collection of contemporary artworks, designer furnishings, and a renowned restaurant, making it a beacon of modern luxury in the historic city.

Where Should You Eat in Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is a smorgasbord of taste, offering culinary adventures from the North Sea’s bounty to the rich flavours of the Scottish land.

The Silver Darling

Perched by the harbour, The Silver Darling presents fresh, local seafood with a French twist. Its windows frame the maritime dance of the harbour, while the plates carry the ocean's treasures to your table, ensuring a meal to remember.

Moon Fish Cafe

At Moon Fish Cafe, innovative dishes crafted from local ingredients tell the story of Aberdeen’s culinary heart. This eatery is where creativity meets tradition, serving up a modern Scottish menu that is both delightful and surprising.

The Tolbooth Seafood Restaurant

Housed in a former jail, The Tolbooth Seafood Restaurant is known for serving the freshest catches. Its historic ambience and view of the busy port provide a dining experience steeped in local culture and cuisine.

Why Hire a Private Jet with LunaJets?

Your journey to Scotland deserves the splendour of LunaJets' private aviation services. With a diverse fleet at your disposal, find the ideal jet tailored to your journey’s demands, ensuring your travels are not just a route, but a part of the destination itself.

Let the power of choice elevate your experience as our jet comparator and booking application allow you to select the perfect jet. Backed by our team of aviation experts, your journey is assured to be as smooth as it is luxurious, with flexibility, comfort, and attention to detail at the forefront of our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can LunaJets arrange my airport transfer in Aberdeen?

Yes, LunaJets arranges seamless airport transfers, with a selection of luxury vehicles or helicopter transfers for your convenience and comfort.

Can LunaJets facilitate last-minute private jet bookings to Aberdeen?

Yes, our team is able to arrange last minute private jet travel to Aberdeen, ensuring that your itinerary remains flexible and efficient.

What sets LunaJets apart for my private travel to Aberdeen?

LunaJets stands out with its extensive fleet, personalised service, and commitment to detail, ensuring a seamless travel experience to Aberdeen.

Does LunaJets offer assistance with luxury accommodations and unique experiences in Aberdeen?

Certainly. LunaJets provides a bespoke concierge service to arrange luxury stays and exceptional experiences, tailoring your Aberdeen visit to perfection.

How far is Aberdeen International Airport from the city centre?

Aberdeen International Airport is conveniently situated in Dyce, about a 25-minute drive from the city centre, offering easy access for private jet passengers.

What facilities are available for private jets at Aberdeen International Airport?

Aberdeen International Airport caters extensively to private jets, offering comprehensive services including aircraft handling, VIP lounges, and complete privacy for travellers. Its reputation as a significant hub for both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft ensures that all private aviation needs are met with exceptional standards.