Private jet charter between Milan and Olbia

Hire a LunaJet private jet to fly between Olbia and Milan, Italy. While flights between the two cities average just over an hour, flying commercially can take much longer with checking luggage and navigating long lines. When travellers hire a private jet, though, they may bypass some of these inconveniences. Less travel time gives more time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Olbia or the bustling shopping districts of Milan. Whether for business trips or vacation, travellers that rent a LunaJet private jet have luxurious, personalised travel within reach.

Why Fly to Olbia?

View of harbor and village Porto Cervo, Olbia Tempio region, Sardinia island, Italy
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Quality Artisanal Shopping

Corso Umberto, Olbia's main street, is home to everything from luxury boutiques to unique local shops. For high-end leather purses, wallets and other accessories, visit Furla's elegant, gold-trimmed Olbia location. At Kieski Jewels, find exclusive, tasteful jewellery that adds a bit of polish to any chic ensemble. These shops, along with art galleries, wine bistros and restaurants, line the brick street with historic stone architecture and vibrant window displays. A private jet to Olbia from Milan opens visitors to this world of enchantingly beautiful shopping.

Beautiful Mediterranean Scenery

From its historic sites to inviting beaches, Olbia offers scenery found nowhere else in the world. At Porto Istana beach, enjoy the emerald waters and view of the beautiful Tavolara Island from the warm bed of white sand shores. A short hike brings adventurers to Pedres Castle, a medieval stronghold built around 1296 that offers panoramic views of the sun-kissed countryside. Chartering a private jet to Olbia allows travellers to visit these beautiful vistas and enriching cultural landmarks.

Where to Stay in Olbia

Rent a private jet from Milan to Olbia to enjoy some rest in some of the finest hotels and resorts in the Mediterranean. Just steps away from the beach, Hotel CalaCuncheddi offers guests outdoor spas and modern, luxurious accommodations with pastoral touches. From here, guests can rent private yachts and venture out to swim with dolphins. For guests wishing to stay closer to Olbia's vibrant city centre, Grand Hotel President features fine dining and classically-decorated rooms. This location also features elegant meeting rooms making it a great destination for business groups that charter a private jet to Olbia from Milan.

Why Fly to Milan?

Duomo at sunrise, Milan, Europe.
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World-Class Cuisine and Nightlife

With its exclusive restaurants and clubs, Milan is a perfect destination for a private flight from Olbia. For a lunch of fresh-caught seafood or an espresso, visit Langosteria with its intimate, relaxing atmosphere after perusing Milan's high-end shops. Visitors craving Michelin-starred Italian cuisine should make reservations at Contraste for dinner, dessert and an extensive wine list. Milan nightlife starts with "apéritivo," a tradition of city-wide happy hours and appetisers. Visit Frida for a dynamic, art-filled take on this tradition. For live music and dancing, head to Old Fashion, one of the city's liveliest clubs for a fun night out after flying on a private jet to Milan.

Unmatched Luxury Shopping Districts

Widely known as the fashion capital of the world, Milan is defined not by its luxury stores, but by whole streets of them. Via Monte Napoleone is one of the most exclusive shopping districts in the world featuring Louis Vutton, Armani and Gucci stores. While Via Brera boasts just as many high-end shops, this district is perfect for finding jewellery, perfume and rare antiques. For a more local experience, visit the stalls along Fiera Di Sinigaglia for out-of-print books, collectables and a variety of fanciful oddities. Visitors fresh from a private jet flight from Olbia have plenty of shopping options in Milan.

Where to Stay in Milan

High-class accommodations are essential after travellers hire a private jet from Olbia to Milan. Located on a private downtown street, Bvlgari hosts private green spaces, exclusive tours including aquaplane trips and five-star luxuries in a renovated 18th-century mansion. If visitors would like to stay close to the numerous shopping districts, Palazzo Parigi offers views from elegant balconies and premium services with luxurious rooms for events and business meetings.

Why travel between Olbia and Milan with LunaJet?

Hire a LunaJet private jet for business groups, family vacations and cargo transportation. With departure points all over the world, LunaJet can help travellers get to their destinations 24/7, sometimes even at last minute. For travellers with flexible schedules, LunaJet offers empty leg flights at a discount. With a team of aviation industry experts, LunaJet can help clients find the accommodations that best suit their travel needs. To fly from Olbia to Milan and back with speed and luxury, rent a LunaJet private jet.