Hire a Private jet between Faro and Belfast

Ask any world traveler where they have visited and you are likely to here places like London, Paris or Rome. These cosmopolitan cities are must sees for anybody, especially the wealthy, but Europe is filled with hundreds of enchanting destinations that should not be missed. Renting a private jet makes the adventure of exploring these places a stylish and luxurious experience. Now those who have high expectations for the quality of their flight can book a private jet and visit cities like Faro and Belfast with the same high end treatment to which they are accustomed.

Why Visit Belfast?

The Belfast City Hall at Donegall Square in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Night
Visit Belfast

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and sits on the eastern coast at the mouth of the river Lagan. Although the city became the center of unrest in the 1980's, this should not be Belfast's only cause for notoriety. Its history runs deep and it is now a vibrant city attracting tourists from all over the world.

Titanic Belfast

Many do not realize that the Titanic was built in a shipyard in Belfast. Visitors today can explore Titanic Belfast, the largest Titanic visitor experience in the world. Stand on the very spot where the Titanic launched on its fateful journey and learn about Belfast's role in the building of the historic ship.

Giants Causeway

A short drive outside of Belfast, travelers will find the Giants Causeway. The causeway consists of 40,000 interlocking columns that are a breathtaking wonder. Although it has been the basis of many stories about its origin, including being built by giants, the truth is that the Giants Causeway was created by an ancient volcanic fissure.

Places to Stay in Belfast

Ten Square Hotel

Located behind City Hall, the Ten Square Hotel is a luxury boutique style hotel in the center of Belfast. It is a wonderful balance of modern chic and traditional elegance. The Ten Square offers 131 spacious rooms in an ideal location for tourists hoping to feel the true energy of Belfast.

Merchant Hotel

The Merchant Hotel is located in Belfast's historic Cathedral District. Open since the 1860's, this hotel is the epitome of grand elegance. In addition to its stately rooms, the Merchant Hotel offers a wellness spa and a rooftop gym.

Why Travel to Faro?

Beautiful sunset view over Faro town in Portugal
Visit Faro

Parque Naturalda Rio Formosa

aro is located in the southern region of Portugal, in the Algarve, one of Europe's most popular vacation spots. Faro is known for the Parque Naturalda Rio Formosa. This is an area of lagoons and mudflats that bring in beautiful wildlife all year long.

Arco da Vila

Faro's Old Town is a great way to get a true feel for the history of the city. It is a medieval town built on Roman ruins and you can feel the layers of history beneath your feet. While walking through, visit the Arco da Vila which is an archway built in 1812.

Faro Cathedral

The Faro Cathedral is yet another attraction in the city that reminds visitor of the vast history. of the area. Many historical periods placed their mark on the cathedral including the Moorish period, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Albeit unconventional, the church represents all of the history that has walked through it.

Places to Stay in Faro

Hotel Faro

The Hotel Faro, is located in the center of the city. With sleek and contemporary rooms, the hotel offers views of the ocean, high end dining and an infinity pool. Its location in the city allows quick access to Faro's many sites, including its famous marina.

AP Eva Senses

Staying at the AP Eva Senses in Faro is staying with an establishment that has made luxury European hotels their specialty. Rooms are minimalist in style but never fall short in elegance. Located across the street from Faro's marina, the AP Eva Senses offers high end dining, fitness and spa and a pool that feels as though you are surrounded by the area's famous mudflats.

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