Sports or science, research and exploration: choose LunaJets to organise your far-flung expedition

There is no question that for research groups, scientific groups, adventure travel groups or expeditions, private jet travel offers the most direct, safe and convenient option.

Make LunaJets your expedition partner of choice: we can help ensure your expedition is a success by providing the right aircraft for your group, and helping you select the right aircraft in case you need to land in difficult or hard-to-reach terrain. If you are carrying equipment or special supplies, we can help you choose an aircraft with a cabin interior that can be configured to suit your needs.

Scientific researchers with a boat and a drone on an Arctic lake
LunaJets supports teams embarking on a scientific expedition or mission

“We can help you choose an aircraft that lands on difficult terrain, or can access hard-to-reach areas.”

Landing on snow, sand, grass or gravel

Many of the aircraft in the LunaJets fleet can land on sand, snow, grass or gravel and can handle arid desert conditions or mountainous regions. We can also organise helicopter charter for onward destinations, or to reach precise locations with smaller, vertical or tight landing spaces. Helicopters are also ideal for reaching private land, rooftops, flying at low altitudes and for landing much closer to structures and buildings such as cabins or research centres or control towers.

  • An intrepid explorer or part of a budding science group? The Royal Geographic Society shares their tips on a successful expedition.

An Arctic expedition waits for their helicopter, on the snow
LunaJets also organises helicopter transfer as part of your expedition

Transport vehicles or machinery with LunaLogistik

If you are part of an organised scientific expedition, explore options with our sister company, LunaLogistik, a cargo transporter that can transport bulky or outsize equipment, including vehicles and machinery.

“The LunaJets fleet spans 4,800 aircraft worldwide: we will have aircraft adapted to the needs of your expedition, research trip or adventure.”

LunaJets’ extensive fleet offers a wide choice of aircraft ideal for far-flung locations

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the LunaJets offer for those organising adventure or expeditions, is our vast and flexible global fleet of over 4,800 aircraft. Team organisers can choose from nimble super-light jets that can land on rough terrain, such as the Pilatus PC-24 right through to luxurious Large Jets or Long-Range Jets, able to travel 14,000 kilometres in a single trip.

A private jet flying at close range over snowy mountains
Private jets in the LunaJets fleet can reach hard-to-access areas

Did you know? LunaJets’ fleet includes “off-road” aircraft

Within the LunaJets fleet, the Swiss Made Pilatus PC-24 is the only business jet that can land on unpaved runways and is certified as an ‘off-road’ plane, and is certified to safely land on sand, gravel, grass and snowy runways. The Pilatus PC-24 is suited to short runways, giving adventurous travellers access to smaller airfields and landing strips. If you are travelling with equipment which you would like to keep to hand, the interior seats can be easily removed and the cargo compartment divider can be moved, so that the aircraft cabin is adapted to your needs.

Close up of the Swiss Made Pilatus PC-24 aircraft, ready to board
The Pilatus PC-24 is considered an ‘off-road’ aircraft

Good to know:

  • LunaJets operates across the world, from Europe to the USA, the Caribbean and Asia, calling upon a global network of aircraft and charterers.

  • LunaJets can also fly to Arctic areas, including the Antarctic, Greenland, northern Canada, Patagonia or South America: call and speak to a LunaJets representative to discuss any specialist travel needs and to check which destinations we can fly you to

  • LunaJets can fly small or large teams, from a couple of passengers to a team of 22 passengers: consult with your LunaJets representative (available 24/7) to see which aircraft would best suit your needs

  • LunaJets collects all passengers directly from their home or hotel and offers luxury transportation as standard, to your private aircraft terminal

  • Charter on-demand or for frequent trips, join the LunaJets loyalty programme Read our Ultimate Guide to private jet charter

Speak directly to a LunaJets representative to enquire about locations that may be off the beaten track.

A pilot and crew dedicated to you

Charter a jet with LunaJets and your plane, pilot and crew are dedicated to you and the success of your trip, whether it is a scientific expedition, a research project or a far-flung adventure. Choose precisely the type of aircraft you need for your expedition or adventure, and be guided by LunaJets’ expert agents who will advise on which aircraft to charter in terms of range, passenger capacity and how much can be stored in the hold. Pilot and crew are on your schedule, and will take off and land according to your timetable. If you are held up or need to collect other passengers at other destinations, the plane and crew will fly to wherever you need to be. Planes can be diverted and routes can be changed mid-flight if necessary, and clients may charter a plane within just two hours.

A business jet at night, ready for take off
Wherever you need to leave from, at whatever time suits you

If you have not travelled by private jet before, you will be surprised and delighted at the speed and efficiency of private jet travel, including time spent in the private terminal. Especially useful when flying in a group, it is good to know that:

  • Check-in usually takes around 15 minutes, including document and security check, ideal for tight timetables and maximising your trip;

  • You can keep an eye on your luggage at all times - especially useful when travelling with valuable or specialist equipment;

  • In some aircraft you can access your luggage in-flight, too

  • LunaJets’ includes personal vehicle transfer as standard, so a luxury vehicle will collect you and your passengers directly from their home or hotel.

  • Read our ultimate guide to private jet hire

Other benefits of private aircraft charter that are particularly pertinent for trips and expeditions, include the comfort and facilities on board. On larger aircraft, cabins include bedroom and bathroom areas, including showers. Luxurious seating areas mean that passengers can comfortably sit, spread out and relax, discuss and analyze trip details, or get up and move about, which is vital on a long trip.

Secluded long-stay trip? Avoid the possibility of viruses with HEPA cabin filters

For teams that may be about to be isolated together or in a remote area, staying healthy during travels is paramount. We know that adventurous teams or scientific expeditions may find themselves far away from usual infrastructures or from hospitals or medical services. Hence, at LunaJets, we know that groups that will be staying together and about to embark on these types of physically strenuous missions are particularly sensitive to avoiding catching bugs and germs.

Reduce risk with less crowded travel

It is reassuring to know that aircraft within the LunaJets fleet are equipped with high-tech air recirculation systems and HEPA air filters that refresh and remove stale cabin air, thus eliminating allergies, viruses, and germs. These state-of-the-art air circulation systems are refreshed every couple of minutes, greatly decreasing the risk of virus and bacteria. Furthermore, by avoiding crowded terminals and the busy queues found in commercial airports, travellers can rest easy knowing they are not sharing the space with numerous other passengers, thus reducing bacterial risk and exposure.

“We know that groups about to embark on an isolated mission are particularly sensitive to avoiding catching bugs and germs.”

Keep connected to your stats and data with state-of-the-art in-flight technology

We understand that if you are involved in cutting-edge scientific research or expeditions that require careful organisation and meticulous planning, travellers will need to stay informed about meteorological conditions, changing weather patterns, geo-political events or changing environmental factors, particularly when travelling to remote areas.

State-of-the-art technology is available on-board the LunaJets fleet, with superior connectivity in all cabins.Enjoy seamless connectivity in the air, thanks to connected cabins and luxurious meeting spaces onboard. Technology differs from aircraft to aircraft, but typically, the private jets in the LunaJets fleet are equipped with the following:

  • Onboard WIFI (Confirm with our advisors which aircraft models are equipped with onboard WIFI)

  • Satellite telephony

  • Connected iPad

  • TVs with a cable connection, to access news and other channels

To view specific in-flight technology for a particular aircraft, view our fleet and click on the aircraft details.

To request or confirm whether specific technology is available onboard, speak to a LunaJets representative (available 24/7)

Compare jets and available technologies with our Jet Comparator Tool.

Charter on-demand or frequent flyers can join our loyalty programme

For flexibility and guaranteed times and their desired aircraft, our clients in the commodity trading industry tend to prefer to charter a private jet on-demand or join LunaJets’ loyalty programme.

The LunaJets Loyalty Programme rewards LunaJets frequent flyers in a simple, straightforward way. We don’t count miles and there is no jet card to sign up for. We simply keep track of your flights and automatically credit your account according to your completed number of flights.

For example:

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 2nd booking

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 5th booking

  • Receive €2,000 off on your 10th booking

  • Receive €3,000 off on your 15th booking

Read more about LunaJets’ loyalty programme or call +41 22 782 12 12.

Cost efficient pricing options

Groups that charter a jet less frequently may like to explore some of our cost-efficient pricing options, which include:

  • Saving up to 50% by choosing a re-routed empty leg

  • Saving up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter)

  • Saving up to 75% by booking an empty leg

Read more about LunaJets’ pricing structures, which are based on which destination you choose, the type of aircraft you require, and flight times.