5 perfect destinations for a lush winter break in the sun !

For some of us, last December was all about sliding down snow-covered slopes, snuggling into cosy jumpers and sipping hot chocolate in front of a dazzling fireplace.

This year, your Christmas tree might take the shape of a windswept palm tree; and instead of snow, you might find it pleasurable to feel fine powdery sand under your feet.

These five utopian destinations are about to make you want to trade your winter coat for colourful swimming suits… contact LunaJets and start packing light!

1 | The Bahamas

Located about 270 km southeast of Miami, in the Northern Caribbean, The Bahamas are a stunning coral-based archipelago of over 700 subtropical islands offering a fabulous array of sunny beaches. With one-hour flights connecting most places, island hopping can be a daily activity, along with coral reef diving, discovering the archipelago’s historic towns and exploring the mostly uninhabited, Exuma Cays. Boat excursions and day trips on your private yacht are ideal to capture more than a glimpse of the splendours the Abaco and its mesmerising blue waters have to offer.

To spend an unforgettable Christmas holiday enjoying this history-filled paradise, charter a private jet to the bustling former pirate city of Nassau with LunaJets.

2 | Barbados

Just like The Bahamas, the Caribbean country of Barbados is much more than a collection of fantastic beaches. In fact, its UNESCO World Heritage-listed capital, Bridgetown, is an interesting historic city, where colonial-era streets lure curious visitors every year.

The island’s nature is glorious, with pink sand beaches, perfect surfing spots and coconut-lined bays washed by turquoise waters. Barbados’ soft sandy shores offer a relaxing tropical atmosphere with tall palm trees and secluded swimming sites. Daily life on the island can include snorkelling in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, turtle spotting, playing golf at world-class courses like Sandy Lane and breathing in the local maritime heritage.

Feel like unwrapping the secrets of this paradise on Christmas day? Charter a private jet to Bridgetown with LunaJets today.

3 | St. Barths

Not so far from Barbados, floating in the same waters, the map shows the Leeward Islands, lying where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. The gorgeous group of islands counts Saint Barthélemy, or St. Barths, among its members. The picture-perfect, volcanic French West Indies island called Ouanalao by its original inhabitants, is a winter holiday hotspot thanks to its spectacular landscapes, scenic views and ideal temperatures. Indeed, surrounded by clear shallow waters at 27 °C, the lucky ones spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the St. Tropez of the Caribbean know what to expect: splendid sunshine, blue skies and pleasantly warm temperatures of 22 °C to 28 °C.

To celebrate the festivities while getting your fill of vitamin D and a glowing tan, charter a private jet to Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of St Maarten with LunaJets, and a boat or a small turboprop aircraft can bring you to St. Barths.

4 | Antigua

Antigua is another gorgeous member of the Leeward Islands and represents the group’s biggest English-speaking island. Formerly used as a British naval base by Admiral Nelson, this remote piece of heaven gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1981 becoming the sovereign state it is today. Indeed, Antigua and Barbuda form a dual-island nation in the West Indies. This Caribbean jewel spoils its visitors with a fabulous climate, vast colourful spaces and true tranquillity. Painted in the colours of paradise it offers a Christmas setting filled with white and pink sand beaches, emerald green flora and enchanting coves and harbours.

Experience the barefoot, worry-free Antiguan vibe for a truly revitalizing winter break in the sun: charter a private jet to Antigua with LunaJets.

5 | Seychelles

Lying in the middle of the Indian Ocean, northwest of Madagascar, the Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands offering natural wonders found nowhere else on the planet. Picture-postcard wild nature, lush tropical rainforests and unforgettable sunny beaches surrounded by windswept palms make this destination a true dream, especially when escaping the grey and rainy wintertime. Exceptional luxury resorts enchant travellers with landscaped infinity pools and green gardens where guests can spot the very rare giant Aldabra tortoises. Home to vibrant coral reefs, it is the perfect retreat for snorkelling and scuba diving aficionados.

Charter a private jet to the archipelago’s central hub of Mahé Island with LunaJets; an utterly relaxing and rejuvenating winter break awaits your arrival.

LunaJets’ team has also hand-picked a few more destinations to jet away from those winter blues:

Imagine colourful and exciting Brazilian celebrations with a New Year’s Eve on the beaches of Copacabana; or perhaps a plunge into the wilderness with a thrilling safari in South Africa, Botswana or Namibia. Finally, saying good morning to 2021 in the stunning turquoise waters of the Maldives or on the idyllic beaches of Mauritius, hardly disappoints.

Our private aviation advisors gladly assist you in organising a tailor-made Christmas trip to these tropical paradises; and for those who opt for a snowy winter break, LunaJets is also expert in offering private jet charter flights to Europe’s ultimate ski resorts.