Elevate Your Summer with the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup 2023

The summer sun brightens the alpine wonderland of Gstaad, Switzerland as the illustrious Polo Gold Cup 2023 gallops into view. This prestigious polo event brings together sportsmanship, high society, and sheer glamour in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Whether you're a polo enthusiast or simply enjoy the finer things in life, LunaJets can offer the perfect Private jet charter for your voyage.

beautiful town of gstaad in summer
Gstaad in summer

Discover the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup 2023

The Gstaad Polo Gold Cup, held in the picturesque mountain resort of Gstaad, is one of the most prestigious polo tournaments globally, having etched its prominence on the global sporting calendar since its inception in 1996. The tournament is known for the sheer competitive spirit displayed on the field and the surrounding grandeur and opulence off it.

the annual event in 2022
Gstaad Polo Cup 2022

The tournament features teams of international repute, consisting of some of the world's best players, making it a spectacular show of skill, speed, and finesse. These top-class teams from around the globe converge on Gstaad's immaculate green fields, their agile horses galloping at full speed, with the striking backdrop of the Swiss Alps adding to the mesmerising spectacle.

Polo, traditionally known as the 'sport of kings', continues to uphold its royal image at the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup. Off the pitch, the tournament is just as compelling. As well as offering the chance to witness exhilarating polo matches, the event provides an excellent opportunity to socialise, network, and bask in the Swiss summer sun.

Luxury permeates every aspect of this glamorous event. The Gold Cup is synonymous with elegant garden parties, gourmet dining experiences, and a crowd of well-heeled attendees, including celebrities, royals, and prominent business personalities. The event elegantly fuses sport, high society, and a luxury lifestyle, ensuring attendees leave with memories that last a lifetime.

If you plan to attend this prestigious event, tickets can be purchased directly from the official website. VIP packages are also available, offering prime viewing positions, exclusive hospitality, and the chance to rub shoulders with polo's elite.

Whether you're a polo aficionado, a lover of luxury lifestyle events, or seeking an unforgettable experience, the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup 2023 offers an enticing opportunity. Unparalleled in its blend of sporting action, luxurious surrounds, and vibrant social scene, the Polo Gold Cup promises an event like no other in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Showcasing High-end Luxury: The Sponsors of the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup 2023

The Gstaad Polo Gold Cup 2023 boasts an impressive list of high-profile sponsors, embodying the same standards of excellence, prestige, and luxury the tournament represents. Esteemed luxury brands from various sectors, including fine horology, high-end automobiles, and premium lifestyle brands, support this prestigious event. These partnerships not only elevate the event's profile but also align with the opulent and luxurious image that the Polo Gold Cup so perfectly encapsulates.

The four main sponsors on the other hand are HUBLOT, The Gstaad Palace, Kielder Agro Group and Gstaad, which each have their own teams. Under the list of co-sponsors, fall Fourteen, Aston Martin, BJ Office & Coffee, Barnes, Colome, Dassault Aviation, Hewoo, Laurent Perrier, Miloo and Oona Caviar.

Team Line-up 2023

Team HublotHCP
Team Gstaad PalaceHCP
Team Kielder Agro GroupHCP
Team GstaadHCP
1Sebastian LE PAGEFR0
2Facundo KELLYARG4
3Francisco FUCCIARG4

Schedule and Planning

Thursday 17. August11:00Polo village opens
13:301st Qualifying match
15:002nd Qualifying match
Friday 18. August16:00Players Parade through Gstaad
Saturday 19. August11:00Polo village opens
11:00VIP tent opens
12:00VIP Lunch Buffet opens
13:301st Semi-final match
15:002nd Semi-final match
19:30Gala night in the VIP tent
Sunday 20. August11:00Polo village opens
11:00VIP tent opens
12:00VIP Lunch Buffet opens
13:30Match for 3rd and 4th place
16:30Prize Giving Ceremony

Where to Stay during the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup

Gstaad Palace Hotel

For a truly regal experience, check into the Gstaad Palace Hotel. Perched atop a hill overlooking Gstaad, the hotel offers stunning Alpine views, a world-class spa, and exceptional Swiss hospitality.

The Alpina Gstaad

Immerse yourself in Alpine luxury at The Alpina Gstaad. Combining traditional Swiss architecture with modern design elements, the hotel offers first-class service, a Six Senses Spa, and Michelin-starred dining.

Le Grand Bellevue

Experience a fusion of grandeur and homely charm at Le Grand Bellevue. The hotel’s boutique style, private cinema, and Michelin-starred restaurant ensure a truly decadent stay.

Where to Eat during the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup

Restaurant Chesery

Indulge your palate at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Chesery, where Chef Robert Speth prepares exquisite Franco-Swiss dishes in an intimate and elegant setting.

Le Grill, Rôtisserie at the Gstaad Palace

Savour the finest grilled specialties at Le Grill, Rôtisserie at the Gstaad Palace. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers an impeccable dining experience amidst a luxurious setting.


Enjoy the perfect blend of innovation and tradition at Leonard’s, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving international cuisine with a twist, in the stunning surroundings of Le Grand Bellevue.

What is the Best Airport to Travel to and from the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup?

Gstaad Saanen Airport is the closest airport to the event, merely a 10-minute drive from the polo grounds. Set in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the airport is well-equipped to welcome private jets, with dedicated services to make your journey as smooth as possible.

The terminal for private flights at Gstaad Saanen Airport offers expedited services and exceptional comfort. When chartering a Helicopter or private jet with LunaJets, you can be confident that your journey to the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Mark your calendars for the Gstaad Polo Gold Cup 2023 and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable summer, elevated by the luxury of private aviation with LunaJets.

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Since 2011, Michael has been assisting LunaJets' clients with VIP services, including travel planning, airport transfers, restaurant bookings, and access to exclusive events, such as the Polo Gold Cup. Our team in Gstaad caters to clients flying to and from various destinations, such as Gsteig, Lauenen, Schönried, Rougemont, and Château-d'Œx.

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