Jersey Airport (JER): A Private Jet Odyssey with LunaJets

Step into an unparalleled luxury experience at Jersey Airport. Just a stone's throw from the charming streets of Saint Helier, this airport is an ideal gateway to the stunning island of Jersey and beyond.

Pricing for Private Jet Charters to and from Jersey

Private jet travel is not just about reaching your destination; it's about the journey. And with LunaJets, every journey is poised to be unforgettable. Select the perfect aircraft from our fleet.

Departure AirportDestination AirportAircraft ModelFlight DurationPrice in Euros
Paris Le BourgetJersey AirportBombardier Challenger 3501 hour 15 minutes€5,500
London LutonJersey AirportCessna Citation XLS+45 minutes€4,000
Geneva CointrinJersey AirportEmbraer Phenom 3001 hour 45 minutes€6,000
Zurich KlotenJersey AirportBombardier Global 60001 hour 30 minutes€6,500
Nice Côte d'AzurJersey AirportLearjet 751 hour 20 minutes€5,000

Note: The prices mentioned above are estimates. View our complete price guide for more details.

Jersey Airport at a Glance

Dive into some fascinating facts about Jersey Airport that cater specifically to the discerning jet-setter.

LocationSt Peter, Jersey
Elevation84 m (276 ft)
Number of Runways1
Number of Terminals1

Private Jet Prestige at Jersey Airport

Frontal view of Jersey Airport, the distinguished hub for luxury private jet travel.

Jersey Airport is a hub of exquisite private flight facilities. With a dedicated terminal for private jet passengers and a runway that can accommodate a variety of aircraft types, flying private to Jersey promises convenience and luxury.

Located on the largest of the Channel Islands, the airport's surroundings perfectly match the calibre of its private jet travellers, providing a sumptuous blend of natural beauty and upscale amenities.

Why Choose LunaJets for Your Jersey Escapade?

With LunaJets' intuitive booking application, seamlessly compare aircraft to select the best fit for your needs. From gourmet in-flight meals to expedited ground transportation in a luxury vehicle, our unmatched customer service ensures your every need is catered to, both in the skies and on terra firma.

In collaboration with Jersey Airport, we pledge attention to every intricate detail, guaranteeing your journey is nothing less than exceptional

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of aircraft can land at Jersey Airport?

Thanks to its accommodating runway, a variety of private jet models can land at Jersey. For specifics, a LunaJets adviser can provide detailed information.

How close is Jersey Airport to the main attractions on the island?

Jersey Airport is conveniently located, making it easy to reach the island's key attractions, including Saint Helier, in just a matter of minutes.

Are there dedicated terminals for private jet passengers at Jersey?

Yes, Jersey Airport boasts a dedicated terminal that caters exclusively to private jet passengers, ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

Can LunaJets assist with on-ground transportation upon arrival?

Absolutely. LunaJets offers exclusive ground transportation services in luxury vehicles to ensure your journey remains impeccable from start to finish.

Is Jersey Airport operational throughout the year?

Yes, Jersey Airport is operational all year round, making it convenient for travellers to plan their trips irrespective of the season.

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Elevate your travel experience with LunaJets at Jersey Airport. As the premier choice for private jet charter to and from Jersey, we pledge to make your journey memorable, offering unparalleled luxury and efficiency with every flight.