Hire a Private Jet to Marseille

Forget about the long waiting times at the airport and charter your own aircraft for the ultimate VIP Experience. Get a private jet charter to Marseille by landing at the world-class Provence Airport.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Marseille?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Marseille Provence Airport for travel to and from Marseille.

Which kind of Aircraft is available to land on Marseille?

The aircraft models that can land in Marseille are:

Seats: 15

Speed: 514 kts | 953 km/h

Range: 7422 nm | 13745 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

Seats: 13

Speed: 458 kts | 850 km/h

Range: 3390 nm | 6278 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 458 kts | 850 km/h

Range: 3200 nm | 5926 km

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Country-hopping is no longer just for hostile staying backpackers or retirees with the time to take a year off and cruise around the world. LunaJets has now made it possible to reach countries all over Europe quickly and easily without ever compromising on style and luxury. While wealthy travellers are sure to spend weeks vacationing in major destinations like London, Paris and Rome, there are so many other quick destinations that should not be missed. Hiring a private jet to a city like Marseille, France is a wonderful way to add an overnight or weekend getaway to a European holiday.

Why Visit Marseille?

Marseille is a port city on the southern coast of France and sits on the Mediterranean Sea. Its location has made it something of a crossroads for immigration and its prominence as a global centre for trade dates back as far as 600 BC when it was founded by the Greeks. Today it is both the main trading port in France as well as a popular tourist destination in the region.

La Panier

Skyline of Le Panier quarter, the famous old town of Marseille and one of the most visited tourist attraction of the city, France
Stroll through the Panier quarter

La Panier is a little treasure nestled within the bustling metropolis of Marseille. Named for the French word for "the basket," it is an ancient village located on a hill in the centre of Marseille. It is the oldest district in Marseille, first settled in 600 BC. Today it is a city centre with three quintessential squares that give it the true provincial feel. Tourists enjoy meandering through La Panier, exploring the shops that sell art and local crafts. And, of course, no village in Provence would be complete without the many restaurants and bakeries scattered throughout.

Vieux Port

Panoramic cityscape of Vieux Port, Marseille, Provence, France
Go around the Old Port

Vieux Port is the old port in Marseille and the location from which all of the city's history has been built. Since its founding over 2000 years ago, the Marseille port has been at a crossroads of trade and immigration for much of that time. Today, the port is filled with luxury yachts that either call Marseille home or who are simply passing through during their owner's travels. It is also home to many fishing and tourist boats. Vieux Port is not just for boat owners, however. The port is also a hotspot of bars, restaurants and cafes where visitors can rest and take in the magnificent views.

Best hotels In Marseille

With breathtaking views from all vantage points, it is hard to find a place that isn't good to stay in Marseille. For those looking for luxury and elegance comparable to the private jet ride they took to get there, Marseille has several great options.

Le Petit Nice Passedat

5-star hotel, Le Petit Nice has been a unique destination in Marseille since 1917.
“100 km from noise, five minutes from the centre”, as my grandfather who established Le Petit Nice used to say, it’s a hidden setting by the sea.
Stay away from the noise and relax

Le Petit Nice Passedat is a 5 Star Hotel located right on the Mediterranean Sea. It is a mere five minutes from the bustling city centre but that five minute brings peace, tranquillity and views that you will find nowhere else in the world. The hotel offers high-end dining and luxurious rooms, all in a minimalist style that keeps the views of the sea unobstructed from every angle.

InterContinental Marseille

The epitome of luxury, the InterContinental Marseille-Hotel Dieu is located in Marseille’s historic Panier district
Did you asked for luxury? Treat yourself like a Royal VIP

InterContinental Hotel Dieu is located in a historic building dating back to the 18th century but with every amenity, a 21st-century traveller would expect. The Intercontinental Marseille is located in the desirable Panier District with views of the Vieux Porte. It houses a Michelin-rated restaurant, an indoor pool and a luxurious spa by CLARINS. Add to that the fact that they are child and pet friendly and this stop is a perfect destination for many Lunajet fliers.

Best restaurants in Marseille

AM par Alexandre Mazzia

Three MICHELIN Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. The work of Alexandre Mazzia at AM, does not fail to surprise with his ever-evolving style, creating masterpieces in his cuisine.

Restaurant Saisons

This modern venue is just located in the centre of Marseille. The classic interior made of wood and iron has 30 seats and offers an extensive choice of wines.

Marseille view from drone

Why Choose LunaJets?

LunaJets has over 4800 luxurious aircraft that are ready to take you to your dream destination whenever your heart desires. A team of experts handle everything for you from the moment you pull up to the tarmac until the moment you arrive, always placing the highest importance on your desires and preferences for your flight and your entire trip. The only thing left to do is book a jet and climb on board. From there, your dream getaway is only moments away.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Marseille?

The best time to visit Marseille is during the summer months and like this you can also enjoy the nearby beaches on the French Riviera.

How far is Marseille Airport from the city centre?

The Provence Airport (MRS, LFML) is 27 km from Marseille.

How many airports are there in Marseille?

Marseille has one airport, the name of the airport is Aéroport Marseille-Provence.

Is there an empty-leg flight available from Marseille Airport?

Normally, yes. So many people go to and stay at “La Provence”, and the one-way travel makes the aircraft available. Just feel free to contact our staff and ask about availability.

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