Hire a Private Jet to Madrid

Planning a trip to the capital of Spain? Hire a private jet to Madrid with LunaJets. For your holidays with friends and family or short business trips, our specialists will source the private jet matching your requirements. We have access to more than 4,800 latest generation aircraft available for charter, allowing you to fly private anytime, anywhere, at the best price on the market.

Madrid Barajas International Airport (MAD) is located 20 minutes away from the city and equipped to welcome all types of jets. However, due to its high levels of activity, authorities have limited the number of take-offs and landings.

Also situated about 20 minutes from Madrid, the less busy Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport (LECU) represents an excellent alternative for your private jet flight to Madrid. However, this airport can only allow certain types of aircraft to land on its runway (e.g. turboprops, light jets, helicopters).

From small models to large VIP airliners, our team of experts can advise you on the most convenient options for your private jet flights and arrange bespoke airport transfers for you, by car or helicopter. We can also coordinate personalized transfers between your commercial flights and your private jet.

Contact your LunaJets advisor, ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recommended Private Jet Airports

MAD - Madrid Barajas
ECV - Madrid-Cuatro Vientos