Hire a Private Jet to Cognac

  Embark on a journey to Cognac, where tradition and luxury intertwine. Arrive in style by chartering a private jet to this storied French region, renowned for its deep-rooted history in spirit production and a culture steeped in luxury. Whether visiting for leisure or business, Cognac offers a range of activities, accommodations, and culinary experiences that cater to the most discerning tastes.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Cognac by private jet?

The best airport for traveling to and from Cognac by private jet is Cognac – Châteaubernard Air Base (CNG, LFBG), also known as Aéroport de Cognac – Châteaubernard. Located approximately 6 kilometers southeast of Cognac, it offers the closest and most convenient access for private jets, providing tailored services and facilities for private aviation. This proximity to Cognac makes it an ideal choice for visitors seeking quick and easy access to the city and its surrounding attractions.

Which kind of aircraft is available to land on Cognac?

Here is a selection of private aircraft that you can use for your private flight to Cognac. Selecting the right aircraft is essential to making the most of your trip. The ideal aircraft will vary according to your specific needs and chosen destination. For more details, contact one of our business aviation advisers.

Seats: 10

Speed: 440 kts | 816 km/h

Range: 4000 nm | 7408 km

Seats: 9

Speed: 469 kts | 870 km/h

Range: 3682 nm | 6819 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 431 kts | 800 km/h

Range: 2450 nm | 4537 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

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What Can You Do in Cognac?

Cognac is not just about spirit tasting; it's a gateway to exclusive experiences and refined leisure activities. Here are three exceptional ways to enjoy the region:

Visit the Great Cognac Maisons

Bottles of famous Cognac brands including Martell, Camus, Hennessy and Remy Martin.
Explore Cognac's Prestigious Heritage

Tour the grand estates of Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, and Rémy Martin, where you can dive deep into the heritage of Cognac production. Each maison offers a unique tour that includes tastings and educational insights into their storied histories. This experience is a must for anyone interested in the rich tapestry of flavours and craftsmanship that defines this world-famous liquor.

Golf du Cognac

Explore Golf du Cognac's serene, lush greens and stunning vineyard views. Perfect for golf enthusiasts seeking a refined experience.
Book Your Tee Time at Golf du Cognac

Experience the serenity of Golf du Cognac, one of the premier golf courses in the region, known for its meticulous design and breathtaking settings. Situated amidst the vineyards that have made Cognac famous, this course offers an escape into nature where seasoned golfers can enjoy challenging rounds while appreciating the lush, rolling landscapes. Perfect for a relaxing day out, Golf du Cognac embodies the leisurely pace and elegance of the region.

Explore Smaller Cognac Maisons

Discover Cognac's artisanal craft in this intimate cellar tour, showcasing rare collections and unique blends.
Uncover Hidden Gems in Cognac Cellars

While Cognac is home to some of the largest and most famous spirit producers, it also boasts a variety of smaller maisons like Baron Otard, Camus, Frapin, and Hine. These establishments offer a more intimate glimpse into the art of Cognac production, showcasing unique blends and rare collections that are highly valued by connoisseurs. With over 245 maisons ranging from quaint family-run estates to well-established names, there is a rich depth of flavour and tradition waiting to be discovered in Cognac and its surrounding areas.

Where Should You Stay in Cognac?

When it comes to accommodation, Cognac offers luxurious hotels that promise comfort and excellence in service. Here are three top places to stay:

Château de L'Yeuse

Château de L'Yeuse in Châteaubernard, just on the outskirts of Cognac.
Stay at the Château de L'Yeuse

Nestled on the banks of the Charente River in Châteaubernard, just on the outskirts of Cognac, Château de L'Yeuse is renowned for its stunning views and refined atmosphere. The hotel beautifully blends traditional architecture with modern comforts, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquillity and luxury in a picturesque setting.

Hôtel François Premier

Hôtel François Premier, Cognac
Stay at the Hôtel François Premier

In the heart of Cognac, Hôtel François Premier offers a seamless blend of contemporary luxury and historical charm. Its strategic location provides easy access to local attractions, making it a prime choice for travellers who wish to explore the city in style.

La Nauve, Hôtel & Jardin

Room at La Nauve, Hôtel & Jardin
Stay at La Nauve, Hôtel & Jardin

La Nauve, Hôtel & Jardin, offers guests a tranquil oasis with its beautifully landscaped gardens and elegant decor. This hotel epitomises French luxury, providing a private and exclusive experience in one of Cognac’s most beautiful settings.

Where Should You Eat in Cognac?

Cognac’s culinary scene is as rich and inviting as its landscapes. Here are three top dining venues:

La Nauve’s Gastronomic Restaurant

For an exclusive dining experience, visit La Nauve’s Gastronomic Restaurant. The menu features sophisticated dishes that are carefully prepared to highlight the unique flavours of the region, making each meal a memorable event.

Les Foudres Restaurant

Located within the Hotel Chais Monnet & Spa, Les Foudres offers a dining experience that combines the architectural beauty of its surroundings with a menu that celebrates the local cuisine. This restaurant is a perfect spot for an elegant dinner after a day of exploring Cognac.

La Ribaudiere

Just a short drive from Cognac in Bourg-Charente, La Ribaudiere is a culinary gem. The restaurant prides itself on innovative dishes that highlight the region’s best produce, served in a setting that overlooks the picturesque river.

Why Book My Private Flight to/from Cognac with LunaJets?

Choose LunaJets for your travel to Cognac and enjoy access to a diverse fleet of over 4,800 aircraft worldwide. Our advanced jet comparison tool and user-friendly booking application allow you to select the ideal aircraft for your needs, ensuring a perfect match for your personal and professional preferences.

LunaJets is committed to providing impeccable service with a focus on flexibility, luxury, and attention to detail. Our dedicated team of business aviation experts is available 24/7 to ensure your travel experience is seamless and meets the highest standards of sophistication and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LunaJets the preferred choice for travel to Cognac?

LunaJets offers tailored travel experiences with a wide range of luxury aircraft and a commitment to exceptional service, making it the preferred choice for discerning travellers heading to or from Cognac.

How can I personalise my flight experience to Cognac with LunaJets?

LunaJets allows clients to customise their flying experience, from selecting the aircraft to arranging bespoke in-flight services, ensuring every detail is tailored to their preferences.

What are the best times to visit Cognac?

The best times to visit Cognac are late spring through early autumn, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to touring the vineyards and enjoying the outdoor activities the region has to offer.

Does LunaJets handle ground transportation in Cognac?

Yes, LunaJets offers comprehensive travel solutions that include luxury ground transportation arrangements to ensure seamless travel from the air to the ground.