Hire a Private jet between Nice and Rome

Traveling on the European continent affords you many destination opportunities. However, few are more opulent than the French Riviera, represented by the cultural ambiance of Nice, or more vibrant than Rome, Italy's capital city.

A private jet is the ideal way to travel between Nice and Rome. It not only reinforces the luxurious vibe of each city, but also, offers convenience unmatched by commercial flight. With a private jet, you decide when you are ready to go from fun in the sun on Nice's Mediterranean beaches and to the fast-paced, stylish and historic ambiance of Rome.

What Can You Do In Nice?

Nice is widely considered the "cultural capital" of the French Riviera. It may be a beach town, but there is much more to do here than frolic in the waves of the Mediterranean.

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Ingratiate yourself in history

Walk the streets of Old Town and ingratiate yourself in the region's past, which remains unchanged in many ways here. The streets are narrow and lined by historic buildings, the ground floors of which offers various eclectic shops.

Nice's Old Town is the ideal place to find rare spices, local art and funky clothing in hidden boutiques. Many local vendors sell handmade wares, which means that you can find things here that can't be gotten elsewhere.

Check out the opera house and Patisserie Henri Auer, an artisanal chocolate and pastry shop that has been in business since the 1800s.

Take a fresh breath of lavender

Just a couple of hours from the Nice city center lies Valensole, home to the country's vast lavender fields. When you hire a private jet to Nice, this is a must-see on your itinerary. The vast fields of purple blooms are a stunning sight, especially during the spring months.

What Can You Do In Rome?

Italy's capital city is a vibrant, bustling metropolis as well known for its culture and history as it is for the food, fashion and nightlife.

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Go back in time

A visit to Rome would not be complete without going back in time to the heyday of the Roman empire. Visit the Colosseum, explore the Roman Forum and stop at the Pantheon. The various structures still standing in Roman are a testament to the ingenuity of the Roman people and are a must-see when in the city.

Soak up the culture

There is so much culture to enjoy in Rome it can be hard to know where to even start. The Galleria Borghese offers glimpses of masterful paintings and sculpture, while the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma (opera house) is opulence brought to life.

Then, there is the food, the shopping and the various other galleries and entertainment venues found throughout the city. Luxury abounds in Rome, so choosing a cultural excursion is a matter of personal preference.

Where Should You Stay in Nice?

The French Riviera is synonymous with luxury, so any of the lodging options in Nice are bound to enhance your visit.

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Hotel Negresco

Hotel Negresco offers the kind of classic architectural design you might expect from a property in Nice with plenty of modern amenities, including elegant furnishings, a children's area and on-site bar and restaurant.

Hotel La Perouse

Hotel La Perouse is a waterfront property that exudes luxury in every area, from the terraced balconies to the private beach exclusively for guests to enjoy.

Where Should You Stay in Rome?

Rome is a major city center with a large enough variety of neighborhoods to choose where you want to spend your time and in what kind of lodging you prefer to dwell.

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Hotel Eden

Hotel Eden is a luxury hotel property situated in the heart of Rome. The marble floors and decadent decor greet guests upon entry into the property. They then luxuriate in the stellar service, array of amenities and fine dining available on-site.

JK Place Roma

JK Place Roma is a five-star property that offers elegant rooms, locally-sourced menus in the on-site restaurant and proximity to some of the most popular sites in Rome.

Fly Between Nice and Rome with LunaJets

Flying between Nice and Rome and enjoying the sites in both destinations is made more convenient and ever more luxurious when you rent a private jet.

LunaJets takes care of everything, so that you all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the flight. This allows you to enjoy the experience of both destinations on your own time.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Nice to Rome?

Chartering a private jet from Nice to Rome cost approximately from €5,600 to €17,610.




Estimated Price

fr flagNice

it flagRome

Aircraft: Citation MustangVery Light Jet

Seat: 4

Estimated Price: €5,600

fr flagNice

it flagRome

Aircraft: Learjet 45 XRSuper Light Jet

Seat: 8

Estimated Price: €10,620

fr flagNice

it flagRome

Aircraft: Challenger 850Super Large Jet

Seat: 13

Estimated Price: €17,610

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