Private jet charter between Ibiza and Olbia

The flight between the beautiful islands of Ibiza, Spain, and Sardinia, Italy, is a sought-after private jet route for trips with leisure purposes. Hire a private jet with LunaJets and fly between Ibiza and Olbia in about one hour and 30 minutes.

LunaJets flies private jet travellers between these popular destinations all-year-round, with the summer months showing the highest volumes of traffic in both directions. Our private aviation experts are experienced in matching the best available private aircraft to your needs and to your route; Light and Midsize Jets are preferable for this route.

Get in touch, we can assist you 24/7 and help you charter the best jet for your private flights between Olbia, Sardinia and Ibiza. Our local agents in Ibiza and Olbia also arrange personalized airport transfers. For further information, contact our team and don’t forget to check our empty leg deals on our website or mobile app.

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