Major product launch? Ensure everything arrives on time and in tip-top condition and hire a private jet, even for large cargo.

Product launches are integral to business success

From pharmaceuticals to the luxury sector, retail to FMCG, marketers and managing directors know that product launches are integral to the success of any business.

A female businesswoman meets with a healthcare team
Post-pandemic, businesses are meeting customers face-to-face

They’re not only a chance to reconnect with customers and showcase your products to clients in person, but a product launch, whether onsite or at a trade fair demonstrates you’re keeping up with market trends. And for customers, being able to touch, feel or see products in action is key to a persuasive purchasing experience.

A large exhibition hall with display booths
Post-pandemic, there’s a return to in-person product launches

95% of businesses still want to exhibit in 2022 and beyond

The global Covid-19 pandemic forced in-person sales and marketing to drop dramatically, to nearly non-existent levels. Two years on, businesses are picking up again globally, with a renewed desire to travel and return to neglected customers and markets.

According to a 2022 survey carried out by trade show organiser DisplayWizard, today, “95% of exhibitors [still] prefer in-person events”, and “59% of exhibitors plan to exhibit at more trade shows, compared to pre-Covd times.”

This means that, in addition to the new modes of hybrid and remote working, it’s still critical for companies to connect face-to-face.

An executive gives a high-tech presentation to an audience
LunaJets ensures key executives arrive on time to presentations

Commercial travel disruption causes headaches for commerce

But what cannot be ignored is that business travel has become more complicated, with travellers experiencing delays and cancellations far more frequently than in the pre-pandemic period.

Lingering logistical complications arising from the tail-end of the global Covid-19 pandemic mean that marketeers and product VPs face a multitude of challenges to ensure that product is available across relevant channels, that field teams are properly prepared and marketing efforts are coordinated with the new product launch push.

In terms of international air travel, the hangover of Covid staff shortages and ongoing sickness-related absences means delays and hold-ups among commercial air carriers, with a knock-on effect across global logistics and supply chains, too.

A business team works together onboard a private jet
Private aviation ensures teams arrive at important meetings on time

For teams trying to orchestrate a product launch or distribute goods within their market, Covid-related travel troubles can really hold up plans, meaning that businesses miss crucial time-slots for meeting key clients or showing at crucial events.

Take back control and charter a private jet

One of the ways to remove all the unsettling uncertainty around delivery of critical goods for product launches and ensuring your teams arrive on time is to opt for a private carrier such as LunaJets and charter a private jet to transport your products and your people.

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Avoid delays and disruptions with private air travel

At LunaJets, we know that firms planning a product launch or product reveal simply cannot afford to experience delays and disruptions. The success of any product launch depends on precision, perfect coordination, and reliability. Trade shows and product launches are often confined to strict timing and set days, with absolutely no room for no-shows or delays.

This is where the peace of mind of chartering a private aircraft with LunaJets comes into its own.

A display of colourful supercars at an event stand
LunaJets will ensure your product launch or event operates seamlessly

Why would companies charter a private jet for a product launch?

The simple answer is: to enjoy total confidence that everything - and everyone - will arrive on time, safe in the knowledge there will be no delays or lost items.

Chartering a private jet with LunaJets eliminates all travel-related headaches and brings peace of mind in so many ways:

Talk to a LunaJets representative (24/7)

  • LunaJets aircraft operate to your schedule, and will depart according to your timetable

  • Our aircraft are independently managed by LunaJets - they will not be delayed or cancelled

  • Save time checking-in and with security: check in for individuals takes around 15 minutes

  • Quiet, luxurious and spacious - LunaJets’ fleet of private jets are conducive to working, so your executive teams can be productive mid-air

  • Private jets are comfortable and equipped with state-of-the-art cabins and inflight technology, so staff arrive refreshed and ready for your product launch or pitch

  • Products and items can be taken directly onto the plane, so they are with your teams at all times; especially useful for valuable or fragile items

  • Materials and items stowed in the hold can usually still be accessed during the flight, for convenience

  • If you have much heavier or bulky items to transport, partner with LunaJets’ Cargo division, LunaLogistik, for seamless cargo operations.

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Transporting valuable products or prototypes? Private travel is ideal

Private jet travel also comes into its own if you need to transport specialist equipment or unique items, such as prototypes or products with a high intellectual property value. This is where you simply cannot afford for your luggage or items to be lost or mislaid with a commercial airline, and when you would prefer to travel closely with your product at all times. Travelling by private jet means you can either take the item directly with you onto the plane, or watch as it is safely loaded into the hold: you can keep an eye on your product at all times.

Executives arrive on the tarmac ready to board a private aircraft
Ensure your goods arrive on time for critical product launches

Some of the ways in which companies choose LunaJets to charter a private aircraft include the following:

  • To transport a small sales team together with a small number of products in the aircraft, securely and swiftly.

  • To transport a small sales team with equipment or goods in the hold.

  • To transport a larger sales team on a larger aircraft, and make use of ample space for product in the hold.

LunaJets Cargo: for large, bulky or outsize goods

For specific transportation requirements, such as cumbersome cargo or special deliveries of medical equipment, devices or pharmaceutical goods, private jet charter makes good business sense. But did you know that LunaJets also operates a specialist Cargo division, LunaLogistik? Businesses can charter a larger-size aircraft via LunaLogistik and transport bulky and outsize cargo, from spare parts to large containers.

Cargo loaded off a forklift truck onto a large jet
LunaJets’ Cargo service will transport bulky or out-sized goods

Can I transport time-critical items?

Yes - LunaJets offers cargo charter solutions for time-critical freight. We deliver vital spare parts or equipment for diverse sectors, such as the oil and gas or the pharmaceutical industry. We arrange urgent “go now” flights to transport time-sensitive cargo by private aircraft.

Can I transport very heavy or bulky equipment?

Yes - LunaJets’ specialist cargo division specifically caters to the aviation and automotive industries, promptly shipping spare parts, heavy aircraft engines or entire vehicles for instance. Whether you need to deliver a missing item for your production line, or a life-saving spare part for your racing car, we’ll source the private jet(s) you need.

What are the costs involved in hiring a private jet with LunaJets for my product launch and/or my team?

Costs may not be as high as you may think, and you may be surprised by the savings to be gained. In general, costs vary depending on your passenger size and destination, date of travel, itinerary and the goods or items you need to transport. We guarantee the best price for private jet charter and cargo charter, with no additional or hidden costs. Choose from three different pricing options, and we can usually offer savings such as:

  • A saving of 50% on a re-routed empty leg

  • A saving of up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter )

  • A saving of up to 75% on an empty leg

Speak to one of our experienced LunaJets representatives, available 24/7 to discuss private jet hire for your corporate product launch or presentation. We will be delighted to discuss the fet options available and introduce you to our logistics team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can LunaJets help me organise my product launch event?

LunaJets’ agents are well versed in partnering with corporate clients who make up a large percentage of our customer base. Detail your needs to your LunaJets agent, who will advise on which jet to charter from our extensive selection, and how to organise transportation of your product or goods.

How do I know which plane to charter?

Your LunaJets advisor will recommend the most suitable private aircraft according to the size of your passenger group, the goods you wish to transport as well as your schedule and destination(s).

What amenities are on board for my team?

Different catering and service options are available on board the LunaJets’ private aircraft: these vary depending on the size of jet you choose to charter with us. Some smaller aircraft have limited dining options (drinks, snacks), whereas larger jets can cater to full gourmet in-flight dining.