Your air transport of general cargo for every freight

Leading private aircraft charter company LunaJets puts its entire team at your service to transport your goods and carefully ship them by plane. May it be precious art, dangerous goods, sensitive documents or extremely large and heavy cargo, our experts are ready to help you charter the right private aircraft for your air freight.

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High-value cargo

Should you wish to fly private with gold for instance, or prefer to transfer precious metals, jewels, art or antiques by air, LunaJets helps you charter the right private jet. Our onboard courier service offers top levels of security for the transportation of high-value cargo including sensitive documents and secret shipments.

Sensitive goods

LunaJets suggests the most suitable private aircraft for your sensitive cargo. We help you charter the aircraft you need, licenced to transport hazardous materials and dangerous goods. The shipment of such sensitive freight requires to be handled by specialists. We put our knowledge of shipping guidelines and routing restrictions and regulations at your service.

Time-critical freight

LunaJets offers cargo charter solutions for time-critical freight. We deliver vital spare parts or equipment for diverse sectors, such as the oil and gas or the pharmaceutical industry. We arrange urgent “go now” flights to transport time-sensitive cargo by private aircraft.

Heavy and oversize cargo

LunaJets arranges private jet charter flights for the transportation of heavy and oversize cargo. Should you need nose-loading freighters or ramp-loading aircraft to ship large containers, power units or transformers, we source the right jet to carry your cargo, no matter how heavy it might be.

Humanitarian and relief cargo

Charter a private jet with LunaJets to promptly respond to emergency situations around the globe. We help NGOs, governments and aid agencies to deliver vital supplies and heavy equipment to areas having suffered floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters. Count on LunaJets for operations needing the transportation of humanitarian and relief cargo.

Animal transportation

Transporting animals by air is faster than by road or by sea. Charter your aircraft with LunaJets to fly with your thoroughbred horse or transport exotic animals with an on-board veterinarian. We also assist you in flying birds and fowl or livestock such as cattle, swine and sheep.

Aviation and automotive cargo

LunaJets caters to the aviation and automotive industries, promptly shipping spare parts, heavy aircraft engines or entire vehicles for instance. May it be to solve an AOG situation, deliver a missing item for your production chain, or a life-saving spare part for your racing car, we’ll source the private jet(s) you need.