Hire a private jet between Bratislava and Prague

  In the small country of Slovakia sits the city of Bratislava, surrounded by mountains and vineyards. In another small of the Czech Republic sits the city of Prague, known for its historic architecture. While it has always been possible to travel between these cities by car or train, hiring a private jet has now made it possible to turn these cities into overnight trips or weekend getaways just as easily as a weeks-long tour. Better still, renting a private jet through LunaJets keeps you travelling in the style that you deserve. You never have to sacrifice luxury for adventure again.  

Which are the best airports to travel between Bratislave and Prague ?

Our private aviation advisors recommend Bratislava Airport for travel to and from Bratislava ; and the recommended airport for Prague is Vaclav Havel

M R Stefanik, Bratislava, Slovakia (LZIB, BTS)


Prague Vaclav Havel Airport, Czech Republic


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Why Visit Bratislava?

Bratislava may not be as well known as a European city as Prague, but that does not mean it is not worth the trip. In fact, it is probably one of the most underestimated cities in the region so you will find yourself one of the lucky few who gets the opportunity to walk the streets of Slovakia's best-kept secret.

The Old Town of Bratislava

old square in the center of Bratislava.
Visit the Old town

The Old Town of Bratislava is the centre of the city's attractions and history. In addition to being home to Bratislava Castle and the Blue Church, it is also the centre for boutique shops and nightclubs.

Kapitulska street

a medieval street in Bratislava.
Visit Kapitulska street

Kapitulska Street, on the other hand, is a quiet street with no shops that still holds the old-world charm of the 16th-century street that it was. Once, the site of coronations of kings and queens, it later became communist-occupied. Today it is a street worth walking down.

Places to stay in Bratislava

Grand Hotel River Park

picture of the largest Presidential Suite in Bratislava. Represents a level of sophistication.
Stay at Grand Hotel River Park

The Grand Hotel River Park is located on the banks of the Danube River. In addition to rooms that exude style and luxury, the hotel offers unique amenities such as a rooftop heliport, a private river pier and a bicycle path.


amenities in the suite roset hotel.
Stay at Roset hotel.

The Roset Hotel and Residence is a luxury accommodation whose architecture offers as much as its amenities. The beauty of the exterior combines with the sleek yet ornate interior design to make it a vision for the senses.

Where to eat in Bratislava?


Houdini provides the best location in Bratislava for important social and corporate meetings. It is exquisitely furnished in retro style and the latest electronic and audio-visual equipment.


The restaurant is located on the hill of a castle. It has been a well-known and popular restaurant in Bratislava for years. Taste a culinary experience with seasonal specialities.

Aerial view of Bratislava

Why Visit Prague?

As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague went from a relatively unknown city to a tourist hotspot seemingly overnight. In fact, Prague is one of the top most visited cities in Europe. It is no wonder as it is known for its history, architecture and colourful buildings. Prague is a must-see on any tour of Europe.

Infant Jesus of Prague

statue of infant jesus in Prague.
Visit the Infant Jesus

Visiting the statue of the Infant of Jesus is a popular destination for hundreds of visitors to Prague every day. Dating back to the 16th century, it was a gift from a Spanish princess to her Austrian cousin. Visitors go to the statue to pray or make wishes


aerial view over the old town square in Prague
Visit the Old Town

The Old Town Square in Prague is the centre of historical significance in the city and is a square that must be seen. It dates back to the 12th century. It is the home of the Baroque Church of St. Nicholas as well as the Rococo Kinky Palace. The site also marks the execution of 27 Czech lords that occurred in the 17th century.

Old Jewish Ghetto

view of jewish cemetery in Prague.
Visit the old jewish ghetto

While a more somber area to visit, the Old Jewish Ghetto holds a history of Prague that should not be missed. It began in the 13th century when all Jewish people in Prague were ordered to live in one area. It miraculously survived Nazi occupation and is a monument to that period in Prague's history.

Places to Stay In Prague

As such a highly visited destination, Prague is filled with high-end hotels to meet your needs.

Mandarin Oriental Prague

room superior in mandarin prague
Stay at Mandarin

The Mandarin Oriental Prague is a hotel that is found in the heart of the city but is still nestled away on a quiet cobblestone street. In addition to being within walking distance to many of Prague's most popular sites, the Mandarin Oriental Prague offers all of the luxury amenities you would expect in a Five Star Hotel.

Aria hotel

 Deluxe Rooms decorated in bright colors . Hotel ARIA.
Stay at Aria hotel

As its name would elicit, the Aria Hotel Prague has been inspired by music. It is located in Lesser Town and is only a few steps from Prague Castle. In addition to high-end dining and luxurious rooms, the Aria Hotel Prague also offers a music library, private cinema and music salon.

Where to eat in Prague?

La degustation

The restaurant was awarded one Michelin star. Their dishes focus on traditional Czech cuisine. They take in count the seasons to pick the ingredients. They oversee what food eats the animal, what environment it lives in, and how the seasons could affect its flavour.


Two friends run this raw restaurant. Czech dishes mix classic and modern elements. In Field, they are not afraid of letting things in non-beautified form. The seasonal menus do not hide their natural origin.

Aerial view of Prague

Why Choose LunaJets?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Prague airport from the centre?

Prague Airport (PRG) is located approximately 17 kilometres from the city centre

How far is Bratislava airport from the centre?

The distance from Bratislava Airport (BTS) to the city centre is 9 km.