8 Super-Fast Facts on the new Bombardier Global 8000 Private Jet

Unveiled at EBACE 2022 in Geneva this year, the Bombardier Global 8000 private jet will be the fastest business jet in the skies when it launches in 2025, designed for passenger comfort.

  1. During a flight test in May 2021, the aircraft reached Mach 1.015 (1243 kph), as confirmed by the NASA-operated Boeing F-18 fighter, which accompanied the Global 8000 during testing. It also broke the sound barrier while flying on SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). Its standard operating top speed is a subsonic Mach .94 (1151 kph) with an Ultra-high-speed cruise at Mach .92, a High-speed cruise of Mach .90, and a typical cruise of Mach .85—which is still pretty fast (1041 kph).

  2. This jet will also get you far, with a range of 8,000 nm (14,816 km). A non-stop flight from Dubai to Houston, Singapore to Los Angeles and London to Perth is no problem for this aircraft. Because of its unique Takeoff (1,756 m) and Landing (682 m) capabilities, the Bombardier Global 8000 can take off and land safely from smaller airstrips that will get you closer to your destination.

  3. The Smooth Flex Wing on this aircraft limits bumps, and the Maximum operating altitude (15,454 m) allows pilots to fly above weather that might cause turbulence.

  4. The Global 8000 ensures long-haul comfort and productivity, with room for up to 19 passengers. This jet has four living spaces, including an entrance with a full-size kitchen that features dual convection/microwave ovens, a sink and faucet, and chilled storage, allowing greater catering flexibility. There is also a furnished lavatory with vanity, sink and faucet and a window, a wardrobe to store personal items, plus a crew suite. The Club Suite features four zero-gravity Nuage seats, concealable side tables, side ledges with cabin control touch dials, and a 24-inch bulkhead screen. The Conference Suite has six seats for meetings or dining, with an angled dining table. The entertainment suite features a Nuage divan with room for three, a large entertainment cabinet with media storage, a large stand-up TV, and a high-fidelity audio system. The principal suite features a full-size bed with a customisable headboard, a large wardrobe, a Nuage seat with zero-gravity position, a 32-inch high-definition display, and a concealable side table. Perhaps the most impressive feature, though, is the En Suite, which offers a private lavatory, vanity and the option of a stand-up shower. Passengers also have safe access to the baggage compartment from the en suite if they want to change into something stored in their luggage.

  5. The cabin length is 16.59 m, width is 2.44 m, and height is 1.88 m. The aircraft’s exterior length is 33.8 m.

  6. Bombardier designed the Global 8000 to ensure passengers have a healthy flight, with a low cabin altitude of 2,900, clean cabin air, refreshing at 100% replacement air in 90 seconds, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter while preserving a comfortable level of cabin humidity. The Dynamic Daylight cabin lighting system helps synchronise your circadian rhythm to the time at your destination, reducing jet lag. The cabin lighting also features various programmable light settings suitable to your activities onboard, ranging from lounge to cinema dark.

  7. The Global 8000 is equipped with Ka-band internet hardware to support inflight Wi-Fi.

  8. It is expected to enter into service in 2025 and comes with a list price of $78 million.

While you wait for the Global 8000 to launch, you can book a flight today on its sister aircraft, the Bombardier Global 7500.

Global 8000 interior
Discover the luxurious interior of the Global 8000

(photo credits: Bombardier)