Why more companies are turning to private charter for their business travel needs

As global businesses ramp up post Covid, time is of the essence to ensure businesses remain on track and we make up for the lost time of the past two years. Meetings and international travel are back on the agenda, and companies must maximise time. Despite this forward momentum, commercial air travel can sometimes grind to a standstill, and is becoming more complex and time-consuming, global staff shortages across cabin crew teams and baggage handlers. Flying with commercial airlines is no longer as speedy and efficient as it once was, and more and more multinationals are turning to private aviation sector to meet their travel needs.

With LunaJets, chartering a private jet for your corporate team and C-suite executives is far more cost-effective than you may think. If you’ve been considering chartering a private jet for your company or for your own professional needs, this article outlines the real, and sometimes surprising, benefits of executive air travel, from fully wired in-flight meetings to privacy, discretion, and Covid-safe air circulation.

The benefits of travelling by private jet for high-level executives and their teams:

  • Fully-wired in-flight technology and WIFI

  • Send and receive emails, browse the internet, make calls

  • Use of tablets, televisions and displays

  • Hold conferences with ease

  • Quiet, luxurious surroundings are ideal for conducting meetings

  • Calm cabins are conducive for catching up on work

  • The privacy of a private jet is ideal for negotiations and confidentiality

  • Save enormous amounts of time lost in airport queues, delays, and check-in

  • Convenient, luxurious transfers to and from airports

  • Aircraft is totally at your disposition: will wait or divert if your schedule changes

  • Busy professionals stay rested, refreshed, and focussed as the ‘hassle’ of travel is eliminated

Fly privately with LunaJets and regain lost time

Many travellers now experience many hours lost to security and check-in queues. They lose even more time due to new recommendations by commercial airlines to arrive three hours prior to a flight’s departure, not to mention disruptions or delays.

Tranquil surroundings are conducive to planning and privacy

Fly private with LunaJets and all of this lost time can be regained. Business travellers can put their time to use by doing business in the air, conducting business meetings and negotiations in-flight (private jet technology ensures connectivity at all times – see FAQs, below, for more). Make the most of the luxurious tranquil surroundings and in-flight amenities to plan and prepare for vital presentations. High-flying executives managing important negotiations can discuss sensitive and confidential information, holding meetings in complete privacy.

Time is money: consider the speed and efficiency of flying private

In fact, more and more businesses are turning to LunaJets for cost-effective private charter.

At LunaJets, we know that chartering a private plane is the ideal way to make the most of professional time. Most of our customers are private companies, CEOs with no time to lose, or busy professionals and entrepreneurs who really know that time is money; they value the speed and efficiency with which they can conduct and conclude meetings, while saving time on travel. Time gained in the air is time gained in productivity.

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Luxurious cabins are conducive to productivity

The sumptuous surroundings of a private jet cabin are highly conducive to thinking time and preparing for critical meetings. Make the most of the silence and lack of crowds to add finishing touches to presentations. Depending on your choice of jet, take advantage of an array of in-flight facilities, from cutting edge in-flight technology such as WIFI and satellite telephony to conference room facilities, flat screen televisions and displays, as well as full-length beds, not to mention fully catered lunches, refreshments, and snacks. Consult our handy jet comparator guide for a full overview of available aircraft, to suit your needs and team. Call LunaJets anytime for bespoke advice about your needs.

“Imagine the convenience of spending time with valued clients without having to rush to catch connections. To fly private is to fly on your time.”

Inflight technology on LunaJets’ private aircraft includes WIFI and telephony
Bussy CEO taking a call during a private jet trip

Multiple meetings in one day

The convenience of hiring a private jet from LunaJets is that senior executives can seamlessly attend several meetings in one day. Be in Brussels for breakfast, London for lunch and back home in Dublin for dinner. Imagine the time saved by being able to schedule multiple meetings in one day, or the convenience of spending time with valued clients without having to rush to catch connections. In between flights, LunaJets seamlessly arranges convenient private transfers to the private airport terminal. With flight check-in times at a mere 15 minutes, LunaJets offers an absolutely unrivalled travel experience, one that ensures your top-flight professionals remain relaxed and refreshed for every encounter.

“Flying private equals efficiency. Be in Brussels for breakfast, London for lunch and home to Dublin for dinner.”

Your time, your schedule

Meetings running over? No problem, your private jet will wait until you’re ready. Meeting cancelled or finished early? Simply immediately reschedule and take off to your next destination.

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Change of plans? Meeting running over? Your LunaJets’ plane adapts to your schedule.
Jet plane ready to a corporate travel

Hygienic and safe travel

In post-pandemic times, another consideration of flying today is healthcare, Covid and crowds. To fly private is to rest assured that you are doing the utmost for your teams’ wellbeing. Your staff are protected from queues and crowded airports, and stay rested and hydrated as they can relax and enjoy every leg of their journey. On board, private jets feature state-of-the-art oxygenated air with continuous fresh air cabin circulation, minimising the spread of viruses and bacteria. On longer legs, refreshed air, together with circadian lighting ensures teams stay refreshed, avoiding the traditional fatigue associated with commercial flying.

Read our testimonials to see why so many businesses in Europe choose LunaJets for their private jet travel. Contact LunaJets now to discuss your first booking, or to arrange your next trip.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book a private corporate flight with LunaJets?

At LunaJets, we recommend booking a minimum of 10 days in advance. Call our Geneva office (open 24/7) to book and arrange your flight. In some cases, flights can be booked with just two hours’ notice.

Can LunaJets reschedule my arrangements mid-flight if a meeting is changed or cancelled?

Yes, it is usually possible to redirect the plane mid-flight to land at another airport of your choice or to fly on to another destination. It takes around 30 minutes to reschedule a landing at a new airport.

I don’t yet know how many of my team will be flying; how much notice do I have to give LunaJets regarding passenger numbers?

We recommend booking your charter flight two weeks in advance, but aircraft can still be confirmed just one day in advance, according to your changing needs. Note that executive jets do vary depending on size, distance, and passenger capacity, with a general rule that the larger and more capacious the jet, the higher the cost.

Who will advise me on the best aircraft to charter for our corporate trip?

Consult our jet comparator guide or simply call our LunaJets agents 24/7, who will be delighted to advise you instantly on the most appropriate aircraft for your itinerary and team.

We need to entertain clients: can LunaJets advise on restaurant bookings for clients, after our meetings?

LunaJets agents excel at meeting all client needs to make your corporate chartered flight experience a seamless, first-class one. Our experienced agents are always delighted to offer additional concierge services such as restaurant recommendations and reservations, itineraries, transfers, hotel bookings, and client hospitality services required for a business trip.

Can I make telephone or conference calls on a private jet?

Passengers can make calls over WIFI and use satellite-based telephony for in-flight conferencing.

Do all private jets have WIFI?

Yes: all of the aircraft in the current LunaJets fleet are equipped with WIFI. Tablets are provided on all aircraft, and, depending on your choice of jet, you will also enjoy technology such as flat screens and televisions with access to main satellite channels.

Can I send email and use the internet during my flight?

Passengers can use email, social messaging and browse the internet whilst in the air.

How do I know what tech facilities will be available on board?

LunaJets provides technical specifications of your aircraft, as standard, when you book your flight and your LunaJets agent will confirm all the tech facilities, as well as all other amenities, when you book.

We are planning meetings in-flight: will there be refreshments and lunch service in-flight?

Usually, small aircraft on shorter journeys are not accompanied by cabin crew, only pilot and co-pilot. There are crew to welcome you on board and stow luggage, but no in-flight staff. Catering (lunches, teas, coffees, champagne, soft drinks) are provided onboard for passengers to help themselves. In larger aircraft with galley kitchens, and on longer legs, flight stewards are on hand to prepare and serve refreshments and food. Please enquire with LunaJets at the time of booking, or call our agents at any time, 24/7 to enquire about the facilities on your chosen aircraft.

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A member of my team has food allergies: who takes care of on-board catering requirements?

Please state any allergies and special dietary requirements at the time of booking, or call one of our LunaJets agents, 24/7 to add this on your flight booking.

Who organises the different passenger transfers to the airport and back?

Regardless of passenger numbers, LunaJets agents organise all of the transfers to and from home or hotel to the departing airport, and back, upon your return. As standard, these transfers are in a luxury vehicle and are part of the cost of the flight booking.

Can my team access their luggage whilst in-flight?

Yes: usually, luggage or documents can be accessed while flying, as passengers and luggage are on the same level (there is no separate cargo hold). Luggage is usually stored in the front or back of the jet – simply ask ground crew to indicate where your luggage has been placed. On larger jets there is more accessible storage space, making it simpler to access items, however, this varies from aircraft to aircraft. On a smaller aircraft, luggage access may be constrained.

What documents do my team need to bring with them?

As with all air travel, passengers will need to show photographic ID, such as a passport, and a visa, if their destination country requires it. Document checks still take place for private flights, although the process is much quicker – a matter of minutes. LunaJets agents will request copies of passports at time of booking.