Demand for LunaJets repatriation services is skyrocketing due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The effects of Coronavirus are being felt across the travel industry—but as commercial aviation is hit pretty hard, the private jet industry is inundated with requests for assistance.

Many commercial airlines have announced deep cuts to their international and domestic flights. Revenues are in free fall as travel restrictions mount and as fear of infection has people refusing to spend hours with others in packed cabin spaces.

In an internal memo, Alex Cruz, CEO of British Airways, spoke of "a crisis of global proportions like no other we have known", not every airline will survive the pandemic. Europe has already seen one casualty. Flybe, a British airline.

Individuals and organizations are now directing their demands to private jet companies. “We have seen a sharp rise in demands for our business jet charter services. Over the last days, inquiries have increased by 45% YoY” says Alain Leboursier, our Head of Sales and Development Department.

People, companies as well as organizations contact us with different types of demands. It concerns regular private jet charter flights, as well as emergency private jet charter for evacuation and even aircraft cargo charter.

All of them want to avoid crowded airports while they evacuate affected areas and/or try to return to their safe place as soon as possible. Private aviation is perceived as a sure way to decrease the risk to contract Coronavirus. “Flying private, clients will have a limited number of contacts during their journey. It will be limited to an airport agent, the mandatory security staff and the crew. Therefore, you avoid Coronavirus potential exposure” comments Alain.

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