Emergency response charters for crisis situations

LunaJets offers emergency response charter solutions 24/7 and helps you handle the logistics of difficult situations. Our rates are unbeatable, and our service is tailor-made to your needs.

Our team has considerable experience in helping patients and their relatives in case of medical misfortunes.

We offer private jet charters specifically licensed and equipped to perform medical evacuations (medevac), repatriations and emergency patient transfers.

Air Ambulance

In case of accidents and emergencies, LunaJets helps you take off in the shortest delays and offers a global bed-to-bed service. Our advisors arrange medical flights for patients needing urgent medical assistance. Equipped to tailor the patient’s needs, the jet will also have a team of doctors and nurses on board.


LunaJets offers worldwide medical evacuation services. We organise the efficient transportation of wounded and injured individuals from hazardous situations to the nearest hospital or from the scene of an accident to preferred medical facilities with accredited private aircraft. Experienced medical crews assist critically ill patients before, during and after the flight.

Relief cargo and vital supplies

LunaJets assists NGOs and volunteers on humanitarian missions with solutions to deliver time-critical equipment and supplies to zones affected by war, epidemics or natural disasters. Vital medical supplies and relief cargo such as food, water, tents, blankets, electric generators, and more, can be delivered by adapted aircraft chartered privately in the shortest delays.

Evacuations and repatriations

Our team provides emergency charter solutions for NGOs, humanitarian organisations and individuals. We offer fast aircraft rentals to evacuate at-risk civilians from dangerous situations, assist military extractions with immediate relocations to a less hostile location, or to transport victims of natural and man-made disasters in urgent need of being repatriated.

Emergency response charter overview

In case of an emergency, our experts will source the fastest solution to transport patients, their families and other parties involved, safely from A to B. Ready to assist you 24/7, LunaJets can arrange an air ambulance allowing the patient to arrive home or reach the chosen hospital as quickly as possible.

A team of doctors, nurses and paramedics will be able to provide medical assistance on board at all times until the patient is treated at the receiving hospital. LunaJets can arrange a private jet flight customised to suit your particular situation and specifically equipped to cater to the patient’s individual needs.

Flying private, when the patient’s medical condition is critical, also presents the advantage of private jets’ lower cabin pressure compared to commercial flights, which allows for more oxygen on board, better breathing conditions and reduced fatigue for patients and passengers.

We assist individuals, businesses, insurance companies and private clinics. Contact us for air ambulance transportation and medevac services with trained flight personnel able to provide the patient with the necessary medical care he or she needs pre- or post-op.

In order for us to offer prompt assistance, please make sure you provide us with detailed information on the patient’s condition and medical record, as well as the contact details of his or her treating doctor and receiving hospital.

We also cater to NGOs and leaders of humanitarian missions in need of private aircraft for evacuations and repatriations, as well as to transport relief cargo to war zones and regions affected by natural disasters or epidemics.

Emergency charters for medical transportation

LunaJets offers customisable private jet charter services for medical transportation. This service is often meant for patients who are too sick or too weak to fly with commercial aviation. For example, when patients cannot sit or stand, a team of experts takes care of the logistics for a bed-to-bed transportation.

In case of accidents we offer emergency response charter services such as medical repatriation with accredited private jets in order to promptly pick-up and transport patients with a fractured back for instance or evacuate several injured from the scene of an accident.

Medical evacuations, often shortened to medevac, include the rapid movement of patients needing to be transferred to a better-equipped medical centre, or a facility able to perform a certain type of surgery like organ transplantation.

We regularly organise private jet rentals for patients flying to medical facilities to have an operation or assist those needing to leave the hospital discretely after surgery. It is the ideal mode of transport for individuals looking for privacy.

LunaJets can also arrange an air ambulance for psychiatric patients who can fly with a full medical team as well as their close relatives. Patients are accompanied by one or several doctors, nurses and paramedics, depending on the size of the aircraft.

Should your loved ones need to be picked up as soon as possible, we can arrange an air ambulance in no time. The configuration and medical equipment on board can be adapted to your particular situation; for instance, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will always need in-flight oxygen.

Emergency charters for natural disasters and conflict zones

We offer worldwide emergency response charter services to help individuals, non-governmental organisations and other entities in case of dangerous situations.

Appropriately equipped aircraft can assist the families of the victims of an avalanche for instance by airlifting essential search and rescue teams. Emergency charters can help evacuate a hotel, a village or an entire region damaged by natural disasters such hurricanes or typhoons, as well as carry people away from man-made disasters like fires, groundwater contamination, structure failures or mining accidents.

LunaJets can also quickly coordinate the evacuation of conflict zones and bring wounded individuals the nearest hospital. We assist military extractions too, in order to immediately relocate soldiers and civilians to a safer location.

When regions are touched by political unrest, epidemics or famine, our team sources private planes to airlift vital cargo and join humanitarian efforts on the field. Medical supplies, special equipment, food, water, blankets and other relief cargo can be delivered by air to disaster scenes and allow rescue squads to provide emergency medical services (EMS).

Whenever and wherever your emergency might be, you can count on LunaJets’ medical and evacuation flights. We are at your service 24/7, experienced in providing prompt responses to urgent requests.