Emergency Charter

LunaJets’ team has considerable experience in helping patients and their relatives in case of medical misfortunes.

We offer private jet charters specifically licensed and equipped to perform medical evacuations (medevac), repatriations and emergency patient transfers.

In case of an emergency, our experts will source the most rapid solution to transport patients, their families and other parties involved, safely from A to B. Ready to assist you 24/7, LunaJets can arrange an air ambulance allowing the patient to arrive home or reach the chosen hospital as quickly as possible.

A nurse and a doctor will be able to provide medical assistance on board at all times until the patient is treated at the receiving hospital. LunaJets can arrange a private jet flight customized to suit your particular situation and specifically equipped to cater to the patient’s individual needs.

Flying private, when the patient’s medical condition is critical, also presents the advantage of private jets’ lower cabin pressure compared to commercial flights, which allows for more oxygen on board, better breathing conditions and reduced fatigue for its patients and passengers.

Contact us for air ambulance transportation services with trained flight personnel able to provide the patient with the necessary medical care he/she needs while on board. We are at your service 24/7, and experienced in providing prompt responses to urgent requests.

In order for us to offer prompt assistance, please make sure you provide us with detailed information on the patient’s condition and medical record, as well as the contact details of his/her treating doctor and receiving hospital.