Exciting Summer Events in Gstaad

Tucked within the jaw-dropping Swiss Alps, Gstaad transmutes into a symbol of exhilaration and opulence each summer. The exquisite setting offers a wonderful mix of nature's elegance, affluent charm, and pulse-quickening events. Whether your interests lie in sports, music, or merely in pursuit of distinctive experiences, Gstaad caters to all preferences. Discover some of the most sought-after luxury events in Gstaad that set this locale apart.

Swatch Beach Pro: July 5th - July 9th

Swatch beach pro

Immerse in the grandeur of sport at Gstaad's Swatch Beach Pro, a beach volleyball tournament that's ardently awaited each year. Esteemed players worldwide grace its sandy courts, framed by Gstaad's untouched beauty. The matches exude dynamism, while the rhythmic music and buoyant crowd create an invigorating ambiance. The Swatch Beach Pro in Gstaad guarantees a memory, filled with top-tier competition and coastal merriment.

Menuhin Festival: July 14th - September 2nd

Menuhin Festival

The Menuhin Festival in Gstaad is a yearly homage to classical music that enchants its patrons. Named after the iconic violinist Yehudi Menuhin, the festival gathers celebrated musicians and soloists for riveting performances. Concerts take place at picturesque churches and striking open-air stages, offering a harmonious blend of music and nature. The Menuhin Festival in Gstaad offers an unrivalled cultural spectacle.

Swiss Open Gstaad: July 15th - July 23rd

Swiss Open Gstaad

Tennis enthusiasts find delight at the Swiss Open Gstaad, a prestigious tournament that beckons top-ranked players globally. Enclosed by the grandeur of the Alps, this event blends competitive tennis with supreme scenic beauty. Intense matches, an expectant atmosphere, and exceptional performances mark this luxury event in Gstaad.

Hublot Polo Gold Cup: August 17th - August 20th

Hublot Polo Gold Cup

The Hublot Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad is an epic tournament that draws in polo aficionados and competitors from all corners of the world. The games unravel against the backdrop of the picturesque Swiss Alps, displaying extraordinary horsemanship and enthralling matches. The ambiance is a fusion of refinement and thrill. Spectators savour the captivating games, complemented by fine champagne and gourmet food at this luxurious event in Gstaad.


Gstaad's summer season is an enthralling fusion of luxury, sportsmanship, and cultural richness. Each luxury event in Gstaad - from the adrenaline-infused Hublot Polo Gold Cup and the dynamic Swatch Beach Pro, to the fierce Swiss Open Gstaad and the soulful Menuhin Festival - brings its unique allure. Gstaad in summer weaves a tapestry of unforgettable moments, offering world-class sports, natural splendour, and melodic harmony. Venture to Gstaad this summer for a luxurious escapade that will leave you yearning for more.