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Art Basel is one of the largest international art fairs globally and is held annually in different locations, including Paris from this year. It will be the first Art Basel to be held in Paris and will show many exciting artworks to the attendees. It features renowned artists and is attended by well-known personalities each year.

The Art Basel in Paris will begin in October 2022 and will stage new contemporary and Modern art fairs in Grand Palais. It first began in 1970 and featured over 200 exhibitors annually. Other Art Basel events are held in Basel, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Miami Beach.

The Grand Palais is an illustrious building that has housed many famous artworks and has previously been the central venue for art fairs. Attendees will have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the location while enjoying the diverse range of artwork present at Art Basel Paris.

Where to stay during Art Basel Paris

Four Seasons Hotel George V.

Known as an art deco landmark, the Four Seasons Hotel George V. offers Michelin-starred fine dining and breath-taking accommodation. Unwind at Le Spa after spending the day appreciating the fine art at Art Basel. Catch a glimpse of the Eiffel tower when you’re planning on enjoying all the finer things that Paris has to offer.

When you’re dining at the Four Seasons, there are several options to choose from. Le Cinq is a three-star Michelin restaurant that boasts of French gastronomical cuisine. Le George, L’Orangerie, and La Galerie are other fine dining spots situated within the hotel.

Ritz Paris

The Ritz Paris is the spot when you’re looking to create some magical moments in the city. Whether you’re looking for all-day dining or cooking classes to take in your free time, the Ritz has many things to offer. A gourmet boutique that delivers exquisite French treats to your door and more is available when you’re staying here.

The interiors are completely Parisian in style, and whether you choose to stay in the same suite used by Coco Chanel or otherwise, luxury is embodied at every stage here. The different themes present in the suites and rooms can make your stay memorable and worth talking about for years to come!

Hotel Plaza Athenee

Situated in the famous Avenue Montaigne, the Hotel Plaza Athenee is one of Paris’s oldest and grandest hotels. The interiors have been reimagined with the help of the famous design duo Bruno Moinard and Claire Betaille. When you’re looking for a unique and delightful experience, that’s precisely what you’ll get at this culturally-rich hotel.

Avenue Montaigne is known to be the heart of high fashion, and you’ll find that at the Hotel Plaza Athenee as well. Choose to come to this hotel when you want to wake up to a serene view of the Eiffel Tower from a window surrounded by red geraniums.

Where to eat during Art Basel Paris


When you’re looking for the best Paris has to offer, there’s no better destination than Epicure. It is headed by their four-Michelin starred head chef Eric Frechon and features drool-worthy signature dishes. The menu is entirely inspired by French cuisine and is reimagined in innovative ways.

Whether you’re trying out his macaroni stuffed with black truffle, artichoke, and duck foie gras or coming for a full gourmet dinner, you won’t be left disappointed by the options available!

Restaurant Guy Savoy

If you’re in the mood for an unforgettable culinary experience, head over to Restaurant Guy Savoy. You can opt for either the set menu, which serves a whopping 13 courses, or opt for your customized menu. Enjoy a winter salad of scallops or a root vegetable ‘detox’ at this sophisticated venue.

The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner and features a variety of dishes from various cuisines.

Pur’ – Jean-Francoise Rouquette

Chef Jean-Francoise Rouquette has made it his mission to provide an authentic contemporary experience at Pur’. There is a 6-course and 8-course menu available at this hot and trending spot, or you could opt for seasonal suggestions.

Their signature dishes include Roasted Medallion of Venison with Barberry, Victoria Pineapple, and Scallops Carpaccio. The ingredients are sourced fresh, and the dishes you’ll find here are primarily seasonal, so you’ll never have to taste the same dish again!

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