Hire a Private Jet to Le Mans Arnage Airport (LFRM)

Located in the picturesque Sarthe department of northwestern France, Le Mans Arnage Airport, formerly known as Raineries Aerodrome, serves as the epitome of convenience and luxury. Merely 3 km from the iconic Circuit 24 Hours of Le Mans and 10 km from the vibrant heart of the city, this airport is a preferred choice for those seeking to merge efficiency with the allure of private aviation.

Le Mans Arnage Airport at a Glance

To provide a clearer picture of what Le Mans Arnage Airport offers, here's a table with essential details:

GPS Location47.9486° N, 0.2017° E
Elevation194 feet (59 meters)
Number of Runways2
Number of Terminals1
Operational HoursMon-Fri 9:00 to 12:30 / 13:30 to 18:00 (Extended hours on request)

Private Aviation at Le Mans Arnage Airport

Private jets on the tarmac at Le Mans Arnage Airport.

Le Mans Arnage Airport stands out as the third most significant airport in the Pays-de-la-Loire region in terms of passenger traffic, witnessing an upward trend in private flight operations.

Operating hours from Monday to Friday, with the possibility for extended hours on request, the airport caters to the unique needs of private jet users. The two runways, suitable for a range of private jets from light to some super-midsize aircraft, highlight the airport’s commitment to accommodating diverse aviation needs.

The airport facilitates a swift and secure transition from the private jet terminal to the aircraft, ensuring that passengers experience efficiency at every step.

Ideal Aircraft for Private Flights from or to Le Mans Arnage Airport

Choosing the right aircraft for a private flight from or to Le Mans Arnage Airport depends on various factors, including passenger capacity, range, and comfort. Here are some options that cater to different needs:

Citation XLS

Why it's a good option: The Citation XLS offers a perfect balance of performance, comfort, and efficiency. With a range of approximately 2,100 nautical miles, it can comfortably reach popular European destinations from Le Mans Arnage Airport without refuelling.

Inconvenience: While the Citation XLS provides ample space and comfort for shorter flights, it may not be the most suitable option for longer journeys due to its limited range compared to larger aircraft.

Phenom 300

Why it's a good option: The Phenom 300 is renowned for its excellent performance, and fuel efficiency. It offers a range of around 2,000 nautical miles, making it ideal for flights within Europe from Le Mans Arnage Airport.

Inconvenience: The Phenom 300 offers less space and may not be suitable for larger groups or extended flights.

Hawker 800XP

Why it's a good option: The Hawker 800XP boasts a spacious cabin, impressive range, and excellent reliability. With a range of approximately 2,500 nautical miles, it can easily reach destinations across Europe from Le Mans Arnage Airport.

Inconvenience: The Hawker 800XP may have higher operating costs compared to smaller aircraft options.

Learjet 75

Why it's a good option: The Learjet 75 combines speed, range, and luxury in a sleek and stylish package. With a range of around 2,040 nautical miles, it can whisk passengers to their desired destinations from Le Mans Arnage Airport with ease.

Inconvenience: The Learjet 75's smaller cabin may not provide the same level of comfort for longer flights or larger groups.

When selecting an aircraft for a private flight from or to Le Mans Arnage Airport, it's essential to consider factors such as range, passenger capacity, and comfort. Each of the mentioned aircraft offers its own unique advantages, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether you prioritize speed, range, or luxury, there's a perfect option to suit your needs for a memorable private flight experience.

Why is LunaJets the best private jet charter service at Le Mans Arnage Airport?

A Fleet at Your Disposal

LunaJets, with its exceptional customer service and vast array of private jets, stands as the epitome of luxury and flexibility in private aviation. Our dedication to detail and our ability to tailor services to meet individual needs, in collaboration with Le Mans Arnage Airport, ensures a seamless travel experience.

Tailored Solutions and Superior Service

Whether through our booking application or through personalized service, we offer unparalleled flexibility and attention to detail. Our team's commitment to working closely with the airport to fulfill every client's requirement guarantees an unmatched travel experience, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a private flight to Le Mans Arnage Airport?

LunaJets offers a user-friendly booking application and a dedicated team to help you select and charter the perfect jet for your needs.

Are there any accommodation facilities near Le Mans Arnage Airport for private jet passengers?

Yes, there are several luxury accommodations near the airport catering to the needs of private jet travelers. For added convenience, our agents can manage the reservation process for you, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Can LunaJets assist with ground transportation at Le Mans Arnage Airport?

Absolutely, LunaJets offers complete travel solutions, including ground transportation arrangements, to ensure a seamless travel experience.

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Le Mans Arnage Airport, with its strategic location and bespoke services, perfectly complements the luxury and efficiency of private jet travel. LunaJets, through its commitment to excellence and tailored services, remains the ideal partner for discerning travelers looking to experience the pinnacle of private aviation at this distinguished airport.