Charter Your Private Jet to Atatürk Airport (ISL)

Atatürk Airport, once the primary international gateway to Istanbul, stands as a testament to the city's rich aviation history. Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Istanbul's heritage and modern charm, it offers travellers a unique entry point into Turkey's captivating blend of cultures. Experience this iconic airport and the historic beauty of Istanbul with LunaJets' unparalleled service.

Your Turkish Adventure Begins: Private Jet Hire Rates to Atatürk Airport

Below you'll find a selection of private jet routes from top European locations to Atatürk Airport:

Departure airportDestination airportAircraft ModelFlight DurationPrice in Euros
Geneva AirportAtatürk AirportLearjet 603h 10min€15,900
London LutonAtatürk AirportEmbraer Legacy 6503h 50min€20,400
Paris Le BourgetAtatürk AirportFalcon 7X3h 20min€18,500
Zurich AirportAtatürk AirportCessna Citation Sovereign3h€16,600
Munich AirportAtatürk AirportGulfstream G2802h 30min€15,800
Milas–Bodrum AirportAtatürk AirportBombardier Challenger 6041h 10min€8,700
Ankara Esenboğa AirportAtatürk AirportFalcon 50EX1h€7,900

Please note, these prices are estimates and may vary based on several factors, including the time of booking, the availability of aircraft, and specific client requests. View our complete price guide for more details.

At a Glance: Key Facts about Atatürk Airport

GPS Location40.9769°N, 28.8146°E
Elevation50 m / 163 ft
Number of Runways3
Number of Terminals1

Elevate Your Journey at Atatürk Airport with LunaJets

Dassault Falcon 2000LX business jet with red carpet laid out at Atatürk Airport, Turkey.
Welcome to VIP air travel: Falcon 2000LX at Atatürk Airport

Atatürk Airport, once the primary international gateway to Istanbul, holds a place of historical significance in aviation. VIP passengers here enjoy world-class lounges, swift security checks, and an array of bespoke services tailored to their requirements.

Although commercial flights have transitioned to the new Istanbul Airport, Atatürk still hosts private aviation clients, providing an unmatched exclusive experience.

The LunaJets Promise: Elite Jet Charters to Atatürk Airport

LunaJets has positioned itself as a paragon in the private aviation sector. Offering access to an extensive selection of aircraft types, we ensure that whether you prefer the agility of Light jets or the expansive capacities of Long Range models, your needs are catered to. Our aircraft are equipped with the latest features to maximise both your comfort and the efficiency of your journey.

In our continual effort to enhance the travel experience, our intuitive app simplifies the booking process, ensuring a seamless transition from reservation to take-off. Travelling to or from Atatürk Airport with LunaJets means enjoying an elite service that epitomises luxury and precision in every aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a private jet to Atatürk Airport last minute?

Absolutely, LunaJets excels in arranging last-minute charters, and our team is always ready, 24/7, to facilitate your travel.

Is it possible to hire a private jet from Atatürk Airport to other destinations?

Indeed, LunaJets offers private jet charters from Atatürk Airport to numerous destinations around the globe.

Do you provide year-round private jet charters to Atatürk Airport?

Yes, we're here to serve you every day of the year, regardless of the season.

What range of aircraft models do you offer for flights to Atatürk Airport?

From light jets to long-range aircraft, LunaJets offers a comprehensive selection, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your journey.

How can I compare different aircraft for flights to Atatürk Airport?

Using LunaJets' advanced jet comparator, you can contrast various aircraft based on size, features, and range, ensuring your selection aligns perfectly with your needs.

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Experience Atatürk Airport with LunaJets

Charter your private jet to Atatürk Airport with LunaJets and embark on a journey characterised by unmatched luxury, impeccable service, and absolute convenience. Istanbul's historic gateway awaits you.