List of Airports around the French Riviera

What’s the best airport for your private flight to the French Riviera? Use our airport guide to find out.

During summertime, business aviation travellers flock to the cities on the Côte d’Azur, especially when internationally renowned events like the Cannes Film Festival attract the entire world to the Riviera’s charming coasts. In busy times like these, we like to make sure that our clients consider all of the available options.

LunaJets regularly flies private aviation habitués to Cannes, Nice and St Tropez and gladly provides you with any information you might be looking for concerning your private flights to the Côte d’Azur. Our experienced team can organise personalised airport transfers too. Get in touch.

Private Jet from / to Toulon-Hyères Airport ( TLN )

Located 7 km from the centre of Hyeres and about 1h from St-Tropez, Toulon-Hyères Airport is a good alternative for your private flight to the French Riviera.

Private Jet from / to Nice Côte D’Azur Airport ( NCE )

Located 7,5 km (15minutes) from the city centre, Nice Côte D’Azur Airport has several lounges and a private aviation terminal with multiple VIP lounges.

Private Jet from / to Le Castellet International Airport ( CTT )

Le Castellet International Airport is located in Le Castellet, between Toulon (32min drive, 32km) and Marseille (45min drive, 43km).

Private Jet from / to St-Tropez La Mole Airport ( LTT )

20 minutes from St Tropez, La Môle airport is sensitive to weather conditions and requires a specific qualification from the pilots.

Private Jet from / to Cannes-Mandelieu Airport ( CEQ )

Equipped with a comfortable VIP lounge, Cannes-Mandelieu Airport is exclusively dedicated to business aviation.