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In between the ACJ318 and ACJ320 in size, the ACJ319 is also a luxurious VIP Airliner with a huge amount of floor space and impressive performance capabilities. <br><br>Airbus had their first ACJ319 approved in 2002 as a VIP conversion of an extremely successful and reliable commercial airliner. The aircraft is particularly popular with heads of state due to, among other factors, the flexibility of the cabin thanks to a number of partitions enabling it to provide up to 6 separate zones. These zones accommodate up to 19 passengers and can contain bedrooms, dining areas and lounges depending on the individual aircraft's configuration, offering the height of comfort for your journey. In terms of performance, the ACJ319 is also an exceptional aircraft. It is capable of carrying out long-distance intercontinental flights of over 11000km in length and it completes these journeys at impressive cruise speeds, allowing you to complete longer flights in even better time. The ACJ319 is truly a top-of-the-range jet, perfectly suited to large parties wishing to undertake long journeys in optimum luxury and comfort.

Airbus ACJ A319

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Plan de cabine du VIP airliner Airbus ACJ 319

Longueur: 24.01 mètres

Hauteur: 2.25 mètres

Largeur: 3.7 mètres



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