Flying Private With Family: Newborns, Toddlers, Children or During Pregnancy

Are you one of the 87% of people who can't wait to get back to travelling? If you're like us, you're eager to go on a much-needed holiday with the people you love. But as we start to venture into the world again, privacy has become paramount.

Flying can look a little different when you're travelling with your whole family. This is especially true if you have babies, kids, or if you're expecting. Luckily, private flying is perfectly tailored to your whole family's needs. Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of taking everyone you love with you on your next highly-anticipated private flight.

Flying Privately While Expecting

If you are expecting, the health of you and your on-the-way family member is our top priority. Therefore we strongly suggest talking to your doctor about your travel plans.

When flying during pregnancy, commercial airlines require a doctor's voucher or medical certificate for flying after 28 weeks. Private airlines appreciate the same courtesy. Flying after your 36th week is generally not recommended.

A letter from your doctor may allow for some flexibility with these guidelines. Please don't hesitate to contact us here at LunaJets with questions or concerns.

Benefits of Private Flying When Pregnant

Flying private affords you the greatest possible comfort, especially if you're expecting.

Benefits include virtually nonexistent queues during check-in and the security process. You shouldn't be expected to stand for long periods, and your private flying specialists at LunaJets appreciate this.

Another benefit is wide, luxurious seats and spacious cabins. When you need to move around or visit the loo, you can easily accomplish this without climbing over strangers' legs.

Our food specialists are pleased to accommodate special dietary requirements. This includes providing you with thoughtful selections that help alleviate morning sickness. In addition, if you're craving something special, just let us know!

Private flying affords you stress-free peace from door to door. We offer the option of private shuttle services to and from the airport. You can even rest easy about the pandemic: flying private greatly alleviates the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

What Is the Earliest I Can Fly Privately With a Newborn Baby?

For your own safety, it is not recommended that you travel within a week of giving birth. If you gave birth by C-section, most specialists recommend waiting until after your six-week postnatal checkup. A letter from your physician may provide flexibility.

To fly, your baby must possess the necessary passport and identification.

Some guidelines recommend waiting until your infant is two weeks old to fly. However, in general, as soon as you feel comfortable you can take your newborn on your LunaJets flight. Read more about flying with newborns in this article by BabyCentre.

Can I Take a Private Jet With Young Babies, Newborns and Toddlers?

Private jets are ideal when flying with young children. Why?

One of the main reasons is privacy. You don't need to worry about unwelcome interactions with other passengers. Your children will enjoy comfortable, stress-free travel just like you.

Flying privately allows you to customize the food and drink options for your youngest family members. Young kids can quickly get tired and run down while travelling. We'll help you ensure they stay fueled up and ready for fun.

On a private jet, you will also have ample room to store all your young children's gear, from prams and strollers to bulky luggage.

Private jets offer cleaner air and highly sanitized furnishings. This is particularly important for young children. There's less chance of a bug or virus spoiling your holiday when you travel by private jet!

In addition, kids can quickly get uncomfortable in environments that are too hot or too cold. Every plane in our fleet offers maximum climate control in the cabin. You can adjust the temperature just the way you and your kids prefer.

What Are the Seat Options Available for My Baby on a Private Jet?

Your baby can travel on your lap up to two years of age. Or you may prefer to reserve a separate seat for your baby. For the greatest comfort and safety, we recommend bringing your baby's car seat onto the plane.

This car seat can be strapped in with the plane's seatbelts. Rear-facing seats make flying with babies just as safe as travelling by car.

After two years of age, regulations mandate that a child must have their own seat reservation. Private jet seats are extremely roomy and more comfortable than your average sofa. The reclining feature will allow for maximum comfort during naptime.

If you'd prefer that we provide the car or booster seat, discuss availability with your LunaJets Private Aviation Advisor when you charter your private jet.

Is Food or Milk Provided on a Private Jet When Flying With a Baby?

Although you are welcome to bring your own food or milk, flying with babies privately affords you the luxury of customized dining options. Every effort is made to ensure a pleasant dining experience in the air.

This applies to your infants and every member of your party. Before your flight, discuss dietary requirements and preferences with your LunaJets representative. We are happy to design custom food and beverage selections for your flight.

What Kind of Entertainment Is Available for My Children?

There is no need to fear boredom on your LunaJets flight. At your request, your children may be able to meet our professional, courteous pilot for a fun, informative talk. You can also request that your children be allowed to view the cabin either before or after the flight.

This always proves to be a highly memorable experience for kids of all ages, from toddler to teen.

Our private jets also have an entertaining selection of toys, books, and magazines on board. Your kids won't get bored with our extensive collection of movies, TV shows, and music. Watching your favourite selections on LunaJets' wider TV screens provides a viewing experience equal to being in the comfort of your own home.

Journey of a Customer

"I used LunaJets to go to the World Cup ski races at Wengen. I took my boys (one and five) and my two nieces (ten and fifteen) with me.

My husband was going to meet us at the resort. I was a little nervous about flying with a whole passel of kids alone. Turns out I needn't have worried!

LunaJets took care of us from the moment I requested a quote. Everyone I talked to was courteous and helpful. They asked lots of questions to make sure we would have everything we needed.

Their car picked us up as arranged. It was right on time. We loved chatting with the driver.

He even recommended foods to try in Wengen! (The gluten-free chocolate cake with popcorn ice cream at Hotel Schonegg: he was right. Need I say more?)

I thought boarding would be a hassle with Covid restrictions, but it was quick and in no time we were in the air.

(My five-year-old LOVED meeting the pilot BTW. He's still talking about it. Thank you for that!)

All the kids were entertained during the flight, despite their wide age differences. The girls watched a movie, my eldest played with some toys provided and I held my one-year-old while he slept the whole flight.

LunaJets had a private shuttle waiting at Bern for us. The drive took a little over an hour to get to Wengen, and the scenery was GORGEOUS.

Then, calamity! My husband's business in Munich ran over, and he missed his scheduled flight time. Unbelievably, LunaJets again stepped up to help.

We called their private aviation advisors at a very odd hour, and they were absolute angels. They took care of everything and whisked him to Wengen. He said the whole flight was comfortable and enjoyable.

LunaJets saved our holiday! All my kids, my husband, and I loved the whole process. We were able to relax and enjoy the snow, knowing LunaJets was waiting to take us home afterwards.

We will now ONLY consider LunaJets for all our future flying, both business and leisure."

Fly Privately for the Best Family Experience

Private flying with family members of all ages is a treat. The benefits range from custom dining and entertainment to easier boarding and maximum privacy.

Whether your children are teens, toddlers, or not even born yet, when you're private flying you're assured of comfort and safety for everyone.

With LunaJets, you will receive personal care from the moment you request a quote. We also offer stunning discounts of up to 75% off through our loyalty programme and empty leg flights.

Explore our many tailor-made options and charter your private jet today!