Hire a Private Jet to St Lucia Caribbean

What better way to travel to the paradise Caribbean island of St. Lucia than by flying private with LunaJets? Our exclusive and unbeatable prices mean that nowhere else will you find a better deal.

Since it was first settled in the 1660s, rule over St. Lucia frequently changed hands between the French and the British until its independence in 1979 and the country has taken the best aspects of both nations to create an incredible blend of European and Caribbean cultures. St. Lucia’s dramatic, mountainous landscape is truly breath-taking, creating stunning views and scenery for you to enjoy during your visit. The island also boasts immaculate beaches and crystal waters, which, combined with the perfect tropical climate, make it an ideal place to relax, particularly during the European winter months. As tourism is the island’s predominant industry, it has a wide range of luxurious resorts, as well as high-end fashion boutiques and excellent restaurants serving both local and international cuisine. St. Lucia really is the perfect holiday destination that provides both the simple pleasures and the height of luxury.

To book your trip, get in touch with the LunaJets team today, whose vast experience in arranging Caribbean flights will ensure they find the ideal flight to suit your requirements at the very best price.