Hire a Private Jet to Lech

If you’re in the mood to take a vacation to a beautiful but not an overly crowded area, consider taking a trip to Lech am Arlberg, Austria. A scenic mountain village located next to the river Lech; it is known to be a part of the exclusive group called ‘Best of the Alps’

Whether you take a private jet or request for a helicopter transfer from the nearest airport, the breathtaking view of the village and surrounding Arlberg region will make the experience of reaching your destination unforgettable.

What can you do in Lech?

While Lech has traditionally been visited by the rich and fabulous, more tourists have started trickling in due to the beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Don’t be surprised when you glimpse a royal walking the streets, because Lech is truly a feast for all eyes!

Experiencing the Beauty of Lech

Fantastic hike in the Lechquellen Mountains in Vorarlberg Austria near Lech, Warth, Bludenz
Go for a walk in the mountain

The Green Ring is a 3-day hiking trail that can be taken by tourists who are interested in exploring the local flora, fauna, and art installations in the region. It is suitable for all types of hikers, and tour guides are also available in case you want explanations along the way.

Swimming Surrounded by Nature

a swimming pool in a forest in lech
Go swimming among the trees

For those who are looking for an active experience in Lech, trying out the Forest Swimming pool (Waldschwimmbad am Lech) can be ideal for you. Surrounded by the lush forest, you can enjoy sunbathing and slides while you’re here too.

Pay a Visit to Großer Widderstein

Großer Widderstein in winter as seen from Grünhorn.
Go see the Großer Widderstein

The highest mountain peak in the Southern Walserthal Mountains, whether you hike or ski to this location, be prepared for the awe-inspiring views from the top. During clear weather, you can even view the Black Forest, all the way in Germany!

Where to ski in Lech?

Ski Piste in Lech
Go skiing in Lech

Known as one of the most famous areas in the world for skiing, Lech ski resorts can provide you with many unforgettable memories! Don’t miss out your chance of experiencing a range of slopes and runs. Whether you’re learning or an expert, you’re bound to find something to trickle your fancy at these ski resorts.

Lech am Arlberg Ski Resort

Located in one of the snowiest parts of Austria, this ski resort is where you go for the most luxurious experience possible. It is interconnected to other ski areas like Lech Zurs and has a range of terrains suitable for all types of skiers.

Zurs Ski Resort

If you’re the type to seek an adventure from your skiing activities, then you’ll definitely enjoy the 27 km training grounds available at Lech Zurs. From flat terrain to short descents, you’ll find a variety of skiing options at this cross-country ski resort.

Warth Schroecken Ski Resort

Interlinked to Lech, Zurs, and St. Anton ski resorts, this skiing area offers not only great connectivity but amazing facilities as well. For the free-riding skier, this is the ideal playground. Experience amazing snow for your skiing at one of the snowiest areas in Europe!

Where to Stay in Lech?

Hotel & Chalet Aurelio

This mountain hideaway will give you the respite you’re looking for. They offer the ultimate luxurious personalized service, from multiple dining options to day spa packages. If you’re in the mood to visit a small boutique hotel surrounded by beautiful mountains, look no further!

Burg Vital Resort

Experience the sunny side of Arlberg from an altitude of 1700m at this resort.  From multiple restaurants offering a range of cuisines to their special vitalSPA, be prepared for this special treat while you’re on your holiday.

Hotel Arlberg

Situated right opposite from ski lifts, this hotel is in the perfect location to offer you the mountain village experience combined with a skiing adventure. Take a class at the local ski school or entertain yourself at the bar, you’ll find no shortage of options at this luxury stay.

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What is the best airport to travel to and from Lech?

Our team of private aviation advisors recommend Innsbruck Airport for travel to and from Lech.