Hire a private jet to Grenada

The beautiful island of the Caribbean will make you want to surely come back at any time. Grenada is an absolute paradise whether you are travelling for a honeymoon, with your family and even friends, this country will leave you astonished. So why not arrive on the islands of your dreams with the aircraft of your dreams? LunaJets will make that dream come true.

Grenada consists of the island Grenada, two smaller islands Carriacou and Martinique and several smaller islands, that offer crystal blue water, various watersports activities and beautiful waterfalls. One thing Grenada is known for is its spices, such as nutmeg. You will be able to go to the plantations and see the process of how all those spices are grown and processed.

How can you hire a private jet in Grenada?

At LunaJets, we stand to our pillars; simple, fast and reliable and will ensure the best travel for you and your loved ones. With our long-standing history and being the market leader in this sector, we have an extensive fleet of 4800 aircraft. Moreover, we will adapt to any of your needs, whether a cargo charter a group charter or a last-minute charter.

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What are the best islands to visit by private jet in Grenada

The island nation consists of 3 main islands: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. Below are the explanations for each of those islands.


beach of Graneda Island
Visit Graneda Island

Grenada is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean, famous for its lush greenery, white sand beaches, and vibrant culture. The capital and only city on this island is St. Georges. One of the best luxury hotels in Grenada is the Silversands Grenada, located on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach. This hotel offers spacious rooms with private plunge pools, a world-class spa, and an infinity pool with breathtaking views of the ocean. As for dining, The Beach Club at Calabash is a must-visit for foodies visiting Grenada. This award-winning restaurant serves contemporary Caribbean cuisine using fresh, local ingredients, and its beautiful beachfront setting is perfect for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

Getting there:

To get to Grenada our private aviation advisors suggest the Maurice Bishop International (GND, TGPY), serving as the island's only airport and the nation's only international airport.


beautiful aerial view of the island
Visit Carriacou Island

Carriacou is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean, known for its unspoiled natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and laid-back vibe. One of the best luxury hotels on the island is the Anse La Roche Hotel, which offers stunning ocean views, beautiful gardens, and private beach access. The hotel's spacious suites are elegantly furnished, and the staff is warm and welcoming, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay. As for dining, the Slipway Restaurant & Bar is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. This seaside restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood dishes and another Caribbean-inspired cuisine, and its outdoor seating area offers panoramic views of the ocean.

Getting there:

The only airport located on the island of Carriacou is Lauriston Airport (CRU, TGPZ). Although it serves as a domestic airport, LunaJets can organize your private jet directly to the island of Carriacou. Get in touch with our aviation advisors today!

Petite Martinique

beachfront of the island of Martinique
Visit Petit Martinique

Petite Martinique is a picturesque island in the Caribbean, known for its peaceful atmosphere, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Although a small island, it has a lot to offer visitors who come to relax and unwind. One of the best luxury hotels on the island is the Petit St. Vincent Resort, which offers a secluded and luxurious getaway experience. The resort's beautiful villas and cottages are set in lush tropical gardens, and guests have access to a private beach, spa, and other excellent amenities. As for dining, the Palm Beach Restaurant at the resort is a top-rated restaurant on the island, serving a variety of international and Caribbean-inspired dishes.

Getting there:

The closest airport to Petite Martinique is Lauriston (CRU, TGPZ). There is a ferry which takes approximately 15-20 minutes to Martinique. However, if you are in for the ultimate VIP experience, hire a boat directly to your Hotel.

The Best event in Grenada to fly in by private jet

National Day

flag of grenada
Attend the National Day of Grenada

National Day in Grenada is an important cultural event that celebrates the country's history, heritage, and identity. Grenada celebrates its National Day on February 7th each year, which commemorates the country's independence from British colonial rule in 1974. The day is a public holiday and is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm. The National Day celebrations usually start with a formal ceremony attended by government officials, dignitaries, and the public. One of the most popular traditions during National Day celebrations is the "carnival" parade, which features colourful costumes, music, and dancing.

Getting there:

As the only two airports serving Grenada, you can either choose to get to Lauriston or Maurice Bishop Airport. Get in touch with our LunaJets advisors today and organize your trip to the idyllic islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on flying to Grenada?

It is always advisable to check for any specific restrictions or regulations to your particular itinerary, however with LunaJets we will make sure everything is up to date and ensure you a hassle-free trip.

How many hours is the flight time to Grenada?

From Frankfurt to Grenada, it is about a 9 hours 50 minutes private flight. From Miami to Maurice Bishop Airport it takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes on a private plane. We can arrange any charter flights you may need.

Which aircraft does LunaJets offer?

LunaJets fleet offers an extensive range of Heavy Jets, Large Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Light Jets. No matter your needs and wants, we have just the right aircraft for you.

When is the best time to visit Grenada?

The best time to visit Grenada is generally from December to April, which is the dry season in the Caribbean. During this period, the weather is usually warm, sunny, and relatively dry, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as beach hopping, hiking, and sightseeing.