Hire a Private Jet to Capri

When you need a break from your hectic life and need to go somewhere far away for a vacation desperately, consider going to Capri. A beautiful island located in Italy, Capri is the perfect destination for being surrounded by the calming ocean and mesmerizing landscapes all day long.

Whether you choose to take a private jet or book a last-minute charter to your destination, don’t waste any time when you want to start your vacation off ideally. Take the earliest opportunity to begin your memorable holiday right away.

What can you do in Capri?

Enjoy your vacation in Capri when you have a wide range of activities to choose from. Visit the 18th-century church of San Michele or enjoy an idyllic boat ride across the vast and pristine water of the Faraglioni Sea

Go Sunbathing at Marina Piccola

Boats at Marina Grande embankment in Capri Island in Tyrrhenian sea, Italy
Go Sunbathing at Marina Piccola

This quaint harbor gets the most sun in Capri and is perfect for those who want to do nothing more than relax by the beach. The waters are warm enough to go in throughout the day and are allegedly the spot where the sirens seduced Ulysses. You can visit the beaches of Marina di Pennauro and Marina di Mulo

Explore the Grotta Azzurra

Blue Grotto on the coast of the island of Capri, Italy
Explore the Grotta Azzurra

A flooded cave with a direct opening to the sea, the sunlight throughout the day casts a beautiful blue shadow over the entire area. Enter this magical cave that was thought to be the home of sea nymphs, the Grotta Azzurra.

Relax at the Gardens of Augustus

Statue at garden on Capri Island town, Italy. Amalfi scenery and Solaro mountain. Landscape with sculpture and Blue Mediterranean Sea, Italian coast. Anacapri in Europe. View on Faraglioni, summer.
Relax at the Gardens of Augustus

The beautifully maintained Gardens of Augustus features an array of bright flowers and pergolas that overlook the Faraglioni Sea. Don’t miss out on the walking paths at this spot that is perfect for a romantic date.

Where to Stay in Capri?

Capri Tiberio Palace

Capri Tiberio Palace
Stay at the Capri Tiberio Palace

Have an extraordinary Capri vacation when you choose to stay at the Capri Tiberio Palace. With mesmerizing views of the ocean and the island, a retro design combined with modern architecture makes this place stand out. Find top-quality service when you decide to stay here.

Albergo la Minerva

Albergo la Minerva
Stay at the Albergo la Minerva hotel

Experience the much heard about warm Italian hospitality when you decide to stay at the Albergo la Minerva—featuring stunning seaside views with artisan-crafted ceramics, sweeping arches, and traditional island architecture. Stay at this picturesque hotel for a relaxing vacation.

Punta Tragara

Punta Tragara
Stay at the Punta Tragara hotel

The Lombardy-born engineer Emilio Vismara chose Punta Tragara as the ideal spot to build a villa, featuring the beautiful view of the sea combined with Faraglioni rock formations. It combines a homely atmosphere with understated elegance, seen in the interior design throughout this beautiful villa.

Where to Eat in Capri?

Terrazza Brunella

Dinner with a view isn’t so impossible when you end up eating at Terrazza Brunella. With Capri’s traditional cuisine served by excellent staff, enjoy an unforgettable experience with your loved ones. Traditional ingredients are used to create a variety of innovative and modern dishes.

Da Tonino

With a vast winery and a seasonal menu, the Ristorante da Tonino features family passed classic recipes that will make you reminiscent of old times. With continuous research and technique, their dishes genuinely seem like they’ve just come out of a fairytale.

Le Monzu Restaurant

A Michelin-star restaurant, you definitely won’t regret your visit to the famous Le Monzu Restaurant. Their menu includes historical Capri favorites that were tasted by the aristocracy themselves.

What events to attend in Capri?

Festival della Tradizione

There’s nothing to not love about this lively festival, featuring four continuous days of dances and folk music. Find local handmade goods and various street performances that are hard to forget when you visit during May.

Le Conversazioni

A literature festival with literary giants with an international presence, the event is for those interested in learning more about the world. Join these intellectuals to discuss important themes and concepts revolving around life and literature. You’ll be sure to walk away feeling considerably enlightened after attending one session.

International Film Festival

Held every December since 1991, the Hollywood Film festival is dedicated to the greatest in the world of cinema. The event attracts various filmmakers globally to congregate at multiple venues in Capri every year.

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What is the best airport to travel to and from Capri?

The nearest airport to Capri is the Naples Airport. The Naples Airport is roughly 55 km away from Capri and takes around two and a half hours to reach by boat or ferry. The Rome Campio Airport is also located nearby. Private jets can land in Rome and Naples without any hassles. If you’re looking to land closer to your destination, look into the possibility of getting a helicopter transfer from the nearest international airport.