Hire a Private Jet to Beijing

Discover what lies between Beijing's ancestral traditions and modernity, with LunaJets. Book your private plane to Beijing, the imperial capital of China.

Beijing has been shaped by the different imperial dynasties up until the current day. The city's past and history are evident in the architecture of the palace and the imperial gardens. You can admire the Forbidden City and the beautiful temples in the historic district of Dongcheng. Enjoy being immersed in the tradition of the Summer Palace whose vast imperial garden is a legacy of the Qing dynasty. If you are looking for an authentic experience, discover the old shopping area of Dashilan, with its tea houses and old shops. If you are after something more modern head to Xidan for its high-end shopping centres where you will find all the big brands. For dinner, sit at the water's edge in one of the typical restaurants in the hot spot of gastronomy. Finally, art amateurs, keep in mind that many artists are based in a former military industrial space, Dashanzi, also known as 798, which features 70 of the most prestigious galleries. Don't forget, you are only two hours' drive from the Great Wall of China.

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