Private jet charter between Malaga and Dublin

Travelling between Malaga and Dublin allows for optimal enjoyment of both destinations. Malaga is a port city in Spain that offers international flare and plenty of history, especially since it is the home of the famed painter Pablo Picasso. Meanwhile, Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is a centre for cuisine, education, technology, and culture.

What is the best airport to travel between Malaga and Dublin?

Our team of private advisors recommend the Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport to travel from or to Malaga and the Dublin airport for travel to and from Dublin.



Which kind of Aircraft is available to land on Malaga and Dublin?

The aircraft models that can land in Malaga and Dublin are:

Seats: 15

Speed: 514 kts | 953 km/h

Range: 7422 nm | 13745 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 524 kts | 972 km/h

Range: 3700 nm | 6852 km

Seats: 9

Speed: 469 kts | 870 km/h

Range: 3682 nm | 6819 km

Seats: 8

Speed: 269 kts | 500 km/h

Range: 1742 nm | 3226 km

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One of the best ways to navigate between the two cosmopolitan cities is via private jet. This allows for maximum time in each before heading off to the next destination.

What Can You Do In Malaga?

Malaga is rife with historical options that hearken back to ancient Spain. Exploring these sites brings out the inner adventurer in visitors.


exterior walls of alcazaba. Best excursions in Malaga
Visit Alcazaba

This ancient Spanish palace was constructed in the 8th century and remains standing even today. Alcazaba is one of the most famous forts in Europe and is situated amid rolling hills of green grass, making it one of the most picturesque excursions in Malaga.

Puerto de Málaga

Port of Málaga (Andalusia, Spain), from the Castillo de Gibralfaro
Visit the port

Malaga's port offers plenty of entertainment options, with plenty of dining and nightlife options lining the waterfront. Hanging out at the Puerto de Malaga is a must-do in Malaga. The fresh cuisine by the port is superb.

Attend a Malaga Event

famous street in malaga decorated for carnival
visit the carnival

There are various annual events in Malaga that attract a luxury crowd. Malaga Carnival is a celebration of international flare, while the Malaga Gastronomy Festival is a culinary gathering of local, regional and even national eateries showing off their best plates.

Where Should You Dine in Malaga?

Dining in Malaga means enjoying an array of cuisine options that range from some of the best paella in Spain to European fusion that adds international flare to the mix.

Dani Garcia Restaurant

The three Michelin-starred Dani Garcia Restaurant offers some of the freshest ceviche in Malaga and an ever-evolving menu.


The one Michelin-starred Messina delivers delectable wine pairings and different tasting menus to complement them.

Lodging Options in Malaga

Lodging options in Malaga run the gamut from boutique options with a contemporary flair to those with more of a historic slant.

Finca Cortesin Hotel

swimming pool with sun loungers in finca cortesin
Stay at Finca Cortesin

Finca Cortesin Hotel is a beachside property that is dripping in luxury. It offers spacious suites, super high ceilings, high-tech features and three on-site restaurants. There is also an on-site spa and elegant furnishings throughout the property.

Hotel Puente Romano

junior suite in hotel puente romano
Stay at Puente romano

Hotel Puente Romano comprises 27 three-story buildings and was originally a condo community. Celebrities come here often to enjoy the calm ambiance, complemented by the streams and greenspaces that permeate the property.

Malaga views by drone

What Can You Do In Dublin?

There is plenty to do in Dublin to enjoy an authentic Irish experience rife with the culture and history for which the city is well-known.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Tasting bar at the Irish Whiskey Museum, Dublin, Ireland.
Visit Irish Whiskey Museum

A trip to the Irish Whiskey Museum means enjoying tasting tours, learning more about the history of this drink in Irish culture and a trip around the retail store.

Dublin Castle

castle seen from outside. There is a garden
Visit dublin castle

The imposing Dublin Castle is both a functioning government building and a tourist attraction, showcasing the history of the Irish people and the various battles fought in and for the country over the years.

Attend a Dublin Event

group of people dressed in white dancing in dublin
Attend an event

The Dublin International Film Festival is an annual event held each February, showcasing top international films and local filmmakers. It is part of the annual film festival circuit. The Dublin Dance Festival offers an annual showcase of contemporary dance and attracts participants from around the world.

Where Should You Dine in Dublin?

There are plenty of restaurants to try out during a trip to Dublin.


Aimsir is a two-Michelin-star option that offers elegant surroundings and a creative and delectable menu focused on local ingredients.

Chapter One

Chapter One is a cornerstone of modern Irish cuisine in Dublin, boasting a Michelin star. Located beneath the Dublin Writers Museum, this restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience with innovative dishes that highlight local produce. The elegant setting and attentive service make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Lodging Options in Dublin

Lodging options in Dublin are as luxurious as they are historic and aesthetically interesting. Boutique options abound as do more traditional lodging properties.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin

room in The Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin
Stay at The Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin

The Fitzwilliam Hotel Dublin boasts a centralised location and plenty of luxurious amenities, including scenic views of the city and on-site restaurants and bars.

The Westin Dublin

facade of the westin dublin
Stay at Westin Dublin

The Westin Dublin builds on the well-known Westin name by showcasing a towering and elegant facade and on-site restaurant, luxury concierge service and a well-known local watering hole. Well-appointed guest suites, high-end amenities and inclusions like rainfall showers delight guests as well.

Dublin views by drone

Fly with a jet with LunaJets Between Malaga and Dublin

Travelling between Malaga and Dublin is made much more convenient and luxurious when it is done via private jet. This is not only more convenient but also allows you to choose to travel via group or with just one other person on your own timeframe. Given the luxury offered in both Malaga and Dublin, using a private jet to traverse between the two seems an appropriate mode of transport to the airport

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Malaga airport from the centre?

The distance from Malaga airport to the centre is 8 km.

How far is Marbella from Malaga?

The driving time is 47 km.

Do you have a transfer service to Marbella?

We offer an exclusive experience from the moment you request a flight. We can transfer to Marbella and vice versa.

How long does it take to get from Dublin airport to the city centre?

Once your private charter lands at Dublin Airport, the distance to the centre is approximately 10 km.