25 October 2018 | 2018

Quoting directly from our CEO’s interview, Forbes explains why the Uberisation of private aviation is unlikely to happen

At the beginning of October, in San Francisco, the annual global event organised by Corporate Jet Investor, called Revolution.Aero, gathered the key players shaping today’s and tomorrow’s private aviation industry. The audience counted established investors and newcomers, experienced executives leading the market, as well as inventors and young start-ups who intend to disrupt it. 
While discussing the future of private jet charter, LunaJets’ founder and CEO, Eymeric Segard, along with several industry leaders expressed the shared opinion that the attempt of creating an app similar to Uber for private jet flights has been disappointing so far, and is bound to fail in the foreseeable future.
As reported by Forbes, and other articles , here is why:
For starters, there aren’t enough private aircraft waiting around the corner to pick up clients the way Uber drivers do. Just like there aren’t, by far, as many pilots as there are drivers ready to perform the job at the click of a button; and the current pilot shortage is unlikely to be solved fast, since the process of becoming one, can’t be completed as quickly as joining Uber’s drivers’ community.
The many ‘Rs’ of private aviation represent an additional barrier: rules, regulations and restrictions cannot be handled by technology alone.
Similarly, the inevitable step of ‘owner approval’ would stop the hypothetical Uber Jets app from satisfying clients’ idea of instant booking. Why? Simply because the owners of the aircraft they might be trying to hire, are busy individuals, or companies, who would naturally take some time to approve the rental of their jet. Owners’ approval can be rather subjective as it also depends on who they are and who they wish to allow on their plane. 
On top of that, as Eymeric explained during the conference, there are a great number of important behind-the-scenes actions that need human proactiveness and flexibility. It would be impossible for a computer system to encompass all the complex aspects of chartering a private jet. LunaJets’ advisors offer the kind of personalised and efficient service that private jet travellers expect. Our team consistently deals with changes in clients’ schedules, weather variations, strikes, delays, visas and the obtainment of landing slots at crowded airports, while offering expert recommendations on various aircraft cabins and seating configurations, providing solutions for oversized or special luggage, flying with pets, and much, much more. 
This might clarify why the value that human charter brokers provide to clients, outflanks any potential Uber-like online competitor. Our clients rightfully expect a perfect service in return for their money, and only the combination of human expertise and digital support can ever meet such expectations. Which is why at LunaJets, we firmly believe in continuously investing in the right technologies to quicken our processes and help our team in delivering the perfect service we promise. 
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