Two Private Jets You Can Fly to Hawaii

If you’ve been dreaming of a Pacific escape, flying a private jet to Hawaii can make the trip far more pleasurable than flying commercial. From the moment you arrive at the FBO, you enjoy a VIP travel experience far superior to any airline’s First Class lounge.

A straight-line flight from Geneva to Hawaii is 12 372 kilometres. It could take around 17 hours at a cruise speed of 805 km/h, allowing some time for take-off and landing. Wind speeds and weather conditions may also affect the duration.

You must fly a private jet capable of more extended missions to avoid fuel stops. Long-range private jets also offer unparalleled privacy, comfort and freedom of movement for extended journeys. You and your travel companions can rest, work and play, enjoying inflight entertainment and dining.

The Bombardier Global 7500

With a maximum range of 14 260 km, at a cruise speed of M 0.85 (1041 km/h), with up to eight passengers and four crew onboard, the Bombardier Global 7500 could make your journey to Honolulu or Maui delightful.

The Global 7500 offers plenty of room with 1.88 m cabin height, 2.44 m cabin width, and 16.59 m length, measured between the cockpit and the rear-accessible stowage compartment. It features separate living areas. The club suite has four of Bombardier’s patented ergonomically-adjustable Nuage reclining seats that reduce the strain of sitting for prolonged periods. The conference and dining suite has room for six along an extendable table and features a large-screen television. A separate entertainment suite with home theatre and surround sound features a 3-seat divan which can be converted to a bed, creating a second bedroom onboard. The private suite has a Nuage seat and a 3-seat couch which turns into a bed, an en-suite bathroom and a large wardrobe. There is another lavatory at the aircraft's entrance. A fully equipped galley with dual convection and microwave ovens, a coffee and espresso machine, a sink and faucet, and chilled storage allow for hot and cold food preparation. The large windows offer spectacular views of the islands on approach.

This jet has a top speed of M 0.925 (1133 km/h) and a high-speed cruise of M 0.90 (1103 km/h). It can accommodate up to 19 passengers, but total weight onboard and speed affect range by burning fuel more quickly. Besides, overcrowding the cabin for a long duration would make the trip unpleasant.

The Gulfstream G700 interior cabin

The Gulfstream G700

The Gulfstream G700 is an excellent alternative, offering performance and passenger experience features on par with the Global 7500. It has a maximum range of 13 890 km with the same restrictions of eight passengers and four crew, flying at M .85 (1041 km/h).

Like the Global 7500, the G700 cabin is also spacious. Passengers onboard enjoy similar separate living areas, inflight entertainment, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. There are two lavatories and a fully equipped galley onboard. Its panoramic oval windows offer plenty of sunlight and gorgeous views.

You will enjoy a pleasant flight on whichever of these two aircraft you choose. Both were designed for long journeys, ensuring cabin altitude, lighting programs, and fresh air systems that make longer trips less stressful on the body.

What should you pack for the islands? The spacious luggage compartments on both these jets also easily fit your surfboard, diving gear and luggage.

Say Aloha to your LunaJets advisor, and ask them to arrange your dream trip to Hawaii. Allow them to arrange in-flight catering that suits your preferences and ground transportation to your Hawaiian resort.