New $400 million Boeing Business Jet 777X can fly across the globe, non-stop

The first business airliner able to perform direct flights from any point A to any point B on Earth has arrived. Boeing has announced the launch of its BBJ 777X at the MEBAA, the Middle East Business Aviation Association trade show that took place in Dubai. Smart choice for the manufacturer, seen as BBJs are popular among the Middle Eastern private aviation clientele, which accounts for 29% of Boeing Business Jets’ total orders.

The impatiently awaited BBJ 777X is the VIP version of the firm’s largest and longest-range twin-engine plane usually able to accommodate up to 425 passengers. Custom-configured to meet the private or corporate buyer’s wishes, it is sold with unfinished interiors which can be completed by interiors firms like Jet Aviation, Greenpoint Technologies, or Unique Aircraft Design for an extra fee of circa $100 million. These design experts have presented three stunning cabin concepts at the MEBAA, unveiling ultra-luxurious areas dedicated to relaxation, business and fun. They feature gorgeous modern master suites with separate dressing rooms and large bathrooms, plush lounges, a cinema and a Turkish-style steam bath.

VIPs choosing between the two available models: the BBJ 777-8, $442.8 million, and the BBJ 777-9, $453.6 million, trade the combo of a larger 343-square-metre cabin and a slightly shorter range of 11,000 nautical miles (circa 20,370 km) of the latter, for the longer range (11,645 nm or 21,570 km) and ‘smaller’ cabin (303 m²) of the first. 11,000 nautical miles is still a world-hopping range, meaning owners can fly non-stop from London to Sydney or Seattle to Dubai for example.

In other words, you can get anywhere you want, with direct flights only and zero time waste.

The incredibly long range is also achievable thanks to the BBJ 77X’s innovative, super-long wings with retractable wingtips allowing the aircraft to increasing initial cruise altitudes and still fit gates and ground facilities designed for previous models. Genius.

The Boeing 777-9 is expected to make its debut in late 2020, and the BBJ 777-8, soon after, in early 2021.

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