Five Fast Facts on Europe’s Most Popular Private Jet

Cessna flights over Europe more than double the number of flights on other popular private jets, mainly because of their comfort and convenience when flying more frequent short-haul and mid-haul routes.

The most popular jet manufacturers by flights taken in September were:

  • Cessna with 22.668 flights (187.801 flights YTD, +15% vs 2021)

  • Bombardier with 10.199 flights (86.656 flights YTD, +23% vs 2021)

  • Embraer with 8.724 flights (70.869 flights YTD, +29% vs 2021)

Cessna Aircraft Company is an American aircraft-manufacturing corporation founded in 1927 and a subsidiary of Textron Aviation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Cessna produces both small piston-powered aircraft and Business Jets.

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Here are five fast facts about their latest Cessna Citation M2 Gen 2 jets.

  1. A maximum range of 1500 nm/2871 km, a top speed of 404 ktas (748 km/h) and a maximum operating altitude of 41.000 ft (12.497 m) makes this an excellent aircraft for quick flights to critical meetings or short flights for family outings.

  2. The aircraft manufacturer says this cabin interior can accommodate up to seven passengers. (It would be a more comfortable flight for a maximum of five passengers.) The cabin height is 1,4 m, cabin width is 1,47 m, and cabin length is 3,4 m. Cabin features include upgraded seat tailoring, an optional fold-down seatback in the forward cabin and increased legroom in the co-pilot seat. New cabin lighting designs include an elegant upwash, cupholder, and sidewall lighting.

  3. The Fresh Air System keeps cabin air clean by bringing fresh air from outside into the aircraft through the engines, which compress and heat the air. The air is cooled and enters the cabin as cold or warm air and then exits through the aft.

  4. The Citation M2 Gen2 cabin also features personal electronic device charging capabilities, including USB-A and USB-C ports and wireless smartphone charging.

  5. Baggage Capacity (329 kg weight/1.29 m3 of volume).

Contact your LunaJets advisor to hire a variety of Cessna jets suited to your travel needs, including the previous generation Cessna Citation M2, which offers a broader range (2870 nm | 5315 km), and seats up to five passengers. It’s an ideal aircraft for a fast autumn holiday escape to Paris or Marrakech.