Vaccine Transportation by Aircraft

Experts estimate that the first round of COVID-19 vaccines will roll out in December of this year.

The vaccine is unlikely to be immediately available to the general public. Instead, select groups of high-risk individuals will likely get vaccinated first. This includes health care workers and the elderly.

As the vaccine becomes more available, manufacturers are going to need a way to distribute billions of doses around the world. And they'll need to do so as quickly as possible.

This is alongside the thousands of other vaccines that are also be shipped and distributed on a daily basis.

When it comes to vaccine transportation, private aircraft are the best solution. Quick, reliable, and able to accommodate the special needs of each unique vaccine, private aircraft are the simplest way to reach a large number of recipients in need of life-saving vaccines. Keep reading to learn more.

A Sudden Influx of Delivery Demands

When the vaccine is ready to ship, there will be tens of thousands of dosages in need of transport. This is true even if it goes first to a smaller group of individuals before reaching the public.

Commercial airlines and other delivery services are already stretched thin by the virus. For this reason, a unique solution will be an absolute must.

Straightforward Delivery

Traditional shipping methods include multiple different segments, often with lengthy delays in between each one.

Take for instance a shipment of masks. These masks may be picked up from the manufacturer via a smaller truck. From there, it might be transported to an airport to be shipped via a commercial airline to the nearest hub to its destination.

That hub may be very far from the final destination. So upon arrival, those masks will be loaded onto another truck to be sent to a regional shipping hub. There they will be loaded onto a smaller delivery truck that will finally deliver the masks where they need to go.

But transporting a vaccine, and especially a vital one, requires a more direct shipping method, with fewer transfers and potential layovers.

Unique Delivery Demands

The COVID-19 vaccine will need to get to every corner of the globe.

There are millions of people around the world that live hundreds of miles away from major cities. These people still need to receive the vaccine.

Getting a vaccine to unique destinations is best achieved using small aircraft. Whether it's the remote corners of a desert or jungle or the top of a mountain, small private aircraft are simply better equipped. They can land at small regional airports or even remote airstrips.

Just as many individuals needed unique options in order to be repatriated during the start of COVID-19, the vaccine needs a unique solution in order to reach remote corners of the globe.

A Faster Solution

While larger commercial freight airlines are used to ship many types of medical supplies, vaccines require more care during transport. Some, like the measles vaccine MMRV and Zoster, a herpes vaccination, must be transported frozen.

If these vaccines are not kept between -58 degrees Fahrenheit and +5 degrees Fahrenheit, they will be ruined. This means they will no longer be effective and therefore cannot be given to patients.

Private aircraft transportation of vaccines ensures that they can be transported quickly and with more care than commercial transport can provide.

Vaccine Transportation Via Private Aircraft

From eliminating transfers to having the capability to deliver to remote regions, private aircraft are the obvious choice for fast, effective vaccine transportation.

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