BaselWorld, Basel

BaselWorld is one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers show that takes place in Basel. Every year, the event hosts 1,500 of the best watchmakers and jewelry brands in the industry to exhibit their innovations, creations and new collections. LunaJets is on hand to organize your private jet to Basel at the occasion of BaselWorld at the best price.

Every spring, BaselWorld opens its’ doors to the 150,000 attendees and 4,000 press representatives coming from all over the world. With about 80% of global watch sales taking place at the fair, the commercial potential of this fair is huge. BaselWorld is a must-attend event concerning watch and jewelry industry that brings together anyone who can share the passion for luxury. This major event is a perfect opportunity to discover new creations of well-known brands and what emerging talents have to offer. Do not miss a chance to discover unexpectedly beautiful pieces from yet unknown brands! BaselWorld sets trends and determines what people will talk about and wear in the coming years. It is also a meeting place for diamonds, gemstones and pearl merchants as well as other suppliers of the industry. It is the perfect occasion to meet with the main players of the industry and to sign life-changing contracts. It provides a perfect opportunity to challenge and deepen your knowledge of the watch and jewelry world since it plays a big role in the business and luxury lifestyle. Wherever you are a business insider or just a watch lover, BaselWorld is a great tribune to meet creators of the essential part of your appearance and a must visit and where better than in Switzerland, in the famous Watch Valley.

LunaJets team are at your service 24/7 to organise your private flight to Baselwrold, although we would recommend that you make your travel arrangements in advance to be sure of securing airport slots. As well as chartering your private jet to Basel for the event, our team would also be delighted to arrange your transfer from the airport to your final destination.

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Basel, Switzerland

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Date: From Mar. 31, 2022 to Apr. 04, 2022


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