Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport by Private Jet

If you're in pursuit of an unparalleled Mediterranean gateway, look no further. Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport is rapidly emerging as a nexus for private aviation, beckoning seasoned travellers who crave a first-rate experience. But what exactly catapults this airport into a league of its own? Read on for the full runway-down.

The Gateway to Greece: Why Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport is Your Next Luxury Destination

Far from being a mere stopover or point of arrival, Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport is an experience carefully curated for connoisseurs of luxury. As a top-tier hub for private jet charter and private aviation in Greece, the airport flaunts services and amenities that rival the crème de la crème of European airports.

Pricing Guide: Private Jet Routes to and from Thessaloniki

Choosing a private flight to Thessaloniki provides you with an array of routes, custom-fitted to meet the diverse requirements of the discerning traveller. Below is a detailed pricing table showcasing some sought-after routes originating from Europe's esteemed private jet airports, including pertinent flight durations and choice aircraft models.

Table: Pricing in Euros

Departure AirportDestinationAircraft ModelFlight Duration
Paris Le BourgetThessaloniki MakedoniaCitation XLS3.5 hrs
London FarnboroughThessaloniki MakedoniaGulfstream G6503 hrs
GenevaThessaloniki MakedoniaFalcon 7X2.8 hrs
ZurichThessaloniki MakedoniaChallenger 3002.7 hrs

At a Glance: Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport Essentials

Before your plane touches down or revs up its engines for departure, equip yourself with indispensable information about the airport. Presented below is a compendium of essential facts about Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport.

Table: General Facts about Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport

GPS Location40.5197, 22.9709
Elevation22 ft, 7 m
Number of Runways2
Number of Terminals1

Private Aviation at Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport

The epitome of luxury awaits at Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport, offering an extensive catalogue of VIP services and private jet terminals. From top-notch concierge services to swift air charter formalities, the airport unambiguously elevates the standard. Whether you're newly venturing into the realm of private jet hire or you're a veteran in booking private flights, the airport's offerings are designed to exceed expectations.

Why Choose LunaJets for Your Business Jet Needs in Thessaloniki

When you opt for private jet hire in Thessaloniki, choosing LunaJets is akin to choosing unmatched expertise and personalised service. With a vast array of aircraft options and a customer service ethos that prizes your time as a valuable commodity, you'll soon discover why LunaJets stands as the premier choice for executive flights to and from Makedonia Airport.


In summation, Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport stands as an unparalleled hub for private aviation. It offers a cornucopia of high-calibre services tailored for the selective traveller. Flying in for business or leisure is not merely a transaction but an experience when you choose LunaJets. Thus, don't merely fly—soar in style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport from the city centre?

Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport is approximately 15 kilometres away from the city centre and is easily accessible via car, taxi, or public transport. There is a direct bus service, Bus 01X, that operates between the airport and the city centre.

What are the opening times of the Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport?

The Thessaloniki Makedonia Airportoperates 24/7, providing flexibility for your private aviation needs. However, it's advised to check with individual service providers, such as VIP lounges and car hire desks, for their specific operating hours.

Are there car hire services available at the airport?

Yes, several car hire agencies operate within the airport premises, giving you a range of options to choose from, whether you're looking for a luxury car or a more practical vehicle.

Is there a separate terminal for private jet passengers?

Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport has specialised facilities for private aviation, including dedicated terminals and lounges, ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

Can I access VIP services at the airport?

Absolutely, Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport offers a variety of VIP services, including fast-track security checks, exclusive lounges, and personalised concierge services, to elevate your travel experience.

Are there any customs and immigration checks?

As Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport serves international flights, customs and immigration checks are a standard procedure. However, when flying privately, these processes are usually expedited to ensure a smooth and swift experience.

Is there parking available near the private jet terminal?

Yes, there is ample parking space available close to the private jet terminal, some of which offer valet services for added convenience.