Jet into Luxury: Your Private Aviation Gateway to Milan Malpensa (MXP)

Welcome to this definitive guide to private aviation at Milan Malpensa Airport. With LunaJets, you'll experience a level of luxury, comfort, and convenience that is second to none. While Milan Linate Airport may often be the go-to choice for business flights, Milan Malpensa remains a highly viable and well-equipped alternative, capable of accommodating discerning travellers and jets of all sizes. Prepare yourself for a tailored travel experience that will make your stay in Milan truly extraordinary.

Elite Jet Travel at a Glance: Private Jet Routes to Milan Malpensa

Take a look at these select routes to Milan Malpensa, their respective aircraft models, flight durations, and estimated prices in Euros. Please note, these are approximate figures.

Departure AirportDestination AirportAircraft ModelFlight DurationPrice (€)
Paris Le BourgetMilan MalpensaBombardier Challenger 3001.5 hours12,000
Geneva CointrinMilan MalpensaCessna Citation CJ31 hour9,000
Zurich KlotenMilan MalpensaEmbraer Phenom 3001 hour10,000
Nice Côte d'AzurMilan MalpensaHawker Beechcraft 400XP0.5 hours8,000
London LutonMilan MalpensaLearjet 602 hours15,000

Please note that these are estimates and actual costs may vary. View our complete price guide for more details.

At the Heart of Milan: Malpensa Airport Essentials

Discover a few facts that highlight the remarkable features of Milan Malpensa Airport.

GPS Location45.63° N, 8.72° E
Elevation234 metres (768 feet)
Number of Runways2
Number of Terminals2

VIP Skies: Tailored Private Aviation at Milan Malpensa

A breathtaking view of the runway at Milan Malpensa, the gateway to your luxury private jet charter experience.
Milan Malpensa's runway, ready for your luxury journey.

Boasting a dedicated terminal for private aviation, Terminal 3, Milan Malpensa ensures absolute discretion and privacy for its clientele. With a full suite of amenities, including luxury lounges and concierge services, your private jet hire to Milan guarantees an unrivalled travel experience.

Furthermore, the advantageous location of Milan Malpensa puts you at the heart of Italy's fashion capital. The close proximity of the airport to downtown Milan means that you're only a quick drive away from the best that the city has to offer.

LunaJets: Your Premium Partner for Milan Malpensa Private Jet Services

LunaJets provides superior private aviation services for Milan Malpensa. With our state-of-the-art booking application, arranging your luxury private flight to Milan becomes a seamless process.

Moreover, LunaJets' jet comparator provides the ultimate tool for discerning clients, allowing you to compare aircraft models based on your specific requirements. With LunaJets, you're not just choosing a service, you're selecting an experience tailored to your utmost comfort and convenience.

Navigating Luxury: FAQs on Private Jet Hire to Milan Malpensa

What are the VIP services offered at Milan Malpensa for private jet passengers?

At Milan Malpensa, private jet passengers enjoy a host of VIP services including fast-track security, personalised concierge, luxury lounges, and direct tarmac transfer.

Can I hire a private jet to Milan Malpensa at short notice?

Absolutely. LunaJets offers flexible schedules, facilitating private jet charter to Milan even on short notice.

How do I choose the best private jet model for my trip to Milan Malpensa?

LunaJets' jet comparator tool allows you to evaluate various aircraft based on your specific needs, ensuring you select the ideal private jet for your journey.

Is Milan Malpensa a good option for private flights to other Italian destinations?

Certainly. Milan Malpensa is ideally located for onward travel to other major Italian cities, or even nearby countries

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Wrapping up your Journey: Why Milan Malpensa is Your Luxury Destination

Milan Malpensa stands as a premium destination for the world's most discerning private jet clientele. Coupled with the exceptional services of LunaJets, your journey promises to be an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. Embark on your private jet charter to Milan Malpensa and experience the epitome of elegant travel.