Hire a private jet to Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful Mediterranean country by the coast side with beautiful cities, beaches and astonishing gastronomy. The warm people will welcome you and the landscapes and activities will amaze you.

Portugal offers a good climate and besides the beautiful cities like Porto and Lisbon, it offers activities for anyone. From surfing to winetasting in Portugal you can do it all, and if you instead just shop for beautiful interiors for your house or want to relax at the beach, that of course is doable too. Portugal is the ultimate destination for all.

How can you hire a private jet in Portugal?

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Some of the advantages of charter flights are:

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What are the best cities to visit by private jet in Portugal

Portugal ranges from a beautiful coastline to vineyards, an extensive list of activities and exquisite Port wine and gastronomy.


The beautiful port of porto in sunset
Visit Porto

Porto is a beautiful city in Portugal home to its centuries-old architecture and some of the best food and drinks in Europe. Porto offers a wide range of luxurious activities and endless dining and nightlife options. The historic centre and its famous Port wine are not the only things Porto is known for. Threaded along the Douro River this city is the place to experience luxury combined with culture and history. Try one of the endless Michelin star options, for example, Casa de Cha da Boa Nova is an excellent choice for a Mediterranean 2-star Michelin star. It has a magnificent setting next to the sea and an even greater tasting menu. For Lodging options, there are endless options to choose from however the Yeatman Hotel is an excellent choice as it is a wine and spa hotel offering beautiful sights over the city of Porto.

Getting there:

Porto is served by one airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO, LPPR). It is located about 11 km from the centre of Porto and is the second largest Airport in Portugal after the Airport of Lisbon.


Birdview of Lisbon and its beautiful architecture
Visit Lisbon

The vibrant city of Lisbon and also the capital of this beautiful country is a must-go destination when in Portugal. Serving as the biggest city of Portugal the city, besides offering ecstatic architecture and beautiful art, has endless attractions and activities that will not disappoint you. Always ranking under the top 5 best cities with quality of life to live in, this city will leave you speechless. The city by the sea has great shopping and nightlife options, but also beautiful dining options and of course lodging options. Here again, there are endless Michelin-star Restaurant options, however, EPUR is a must-go when in Lisbon. This one-star awarded Michelin-star restaurant is an excellent Portuguese fine dining choice. When in Lisbon, if you want to have the full-on 360 luxury experience, staying at the Four Seasons Ritz Hotel is the place to stay at.

Getting there:

Lisbon similarly to Porto has one single airport, the Airport of Portela (LIS, LPPT). It is a rather older airport but offers great facilities and is approximately 6 km from the centre.

Best events where you can fly by private jet in Portugal

Freedom Day

The Portuguese flag
Attend Freedom Day

Freedom Day is a national holiday and one of the most important days in Portugal celebrated on the 25th of April. Also known as the Carnation Revolution which is when the coup ended the Estado Novo regime and initiated the decolonization of the Portuguese colonies. This day is usually celebrated nationwide with parades, demonstrations and nationalistic celebrations.

Getting there:

As this holiday is celebrated nationwide you can basically go anywhere in Portugal, from Faro to Algarve and from Algarve to Porto. However, where it is most celebrated is in Lisbon.

Below are the 4 busiest airports that you could fly to for this holiday.

1Lisbon AirportLIS/LPPT
2Porto AirportOPO/LPPR
3Faro AirportFAO/LPFR
4Madeira AirportFNC/LPMR

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on flying to Portugal?

Feel free to ask our business aviation advisors for help. Portugal is part of the EU and a tourist paradise, so the restrictions are usually uncommon.

How many hours is the flight time to Portugal?

From Madrid to Lisbon it is about a 1 hour 10 min private flight. From Porto to Paris, it takes about 2 hours on a private plane. We can arrange any charter flights you may need.

Which aircraft does LunaJets offer?

LunaJets fleet offers an extensive range of Heavy Jets, Large Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Light Jets. No matter your needs and wants, we have just the right aircraft for you.

When is the best time to visit Portugal?

The best months are anywhere from March to September. Typically these months have pleasant weather, although in summer it may get extremely hot depending on where you are.