Hire a Private Jet from / to Fortaleza

Hire a private jet to and from Fortaleza, Brazil, the state capital of the northeastern state of Ceara. This luxurious getaway features breathtaking beaches and trendy bars and restaurants. It also has one of Brazil's largest oceanariums.

What Can You Do in Fortaleza, Brazil?

Fortaleza offers a number of engaging activities. Though most revolve around the beach scene, there are also urban spots and historic architecture to enjoy.

Cachaca Museum

Cachaca Museum
Visit the Cachaca Museum

Enjoy a fascinating trip to the secluded Cachaca Museum to learn about the history of the exploitation of sugarcane in the region. The tour includes an exclusive taste of the sugarcane alcohol once produced here. Though this museum is off the beaten path, it is well worth the excursion.

Dragao do Mar

Dragao do Mar
Learna bout the region's history at Dragao do Mar

The Dragao do Mar is a beautifully built cultural centre and art museum. Learn about the region's history as you take in the awe-inspiring architecture. In addition to the museum and cultural centre, you will also find two on-site cinemas showcasing the best of Brazilian films.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral
Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral

The neo-gothic architecture of the Metropolitan Cathedral draws travellers from all around the world. Also known as St. Joseph's Cathedral, this place of worship provides a spot of solemn reflection and spiritual rejuvenation.

Where to Stay in Fortaleza, Brazil?

You have several options for luxury stays in Fortaleza. Here are a few of the best choices.

Hotel Gran Marquise

Hotel Gran Marquise
Stay the Hotel Gran Marquise

Popular with couples, the Hotel Gran Marquise offers multiple bars and restaurants and even a pool just metres from the beach. The superb interior design matches the trendy locale and upbeat nightlife.

Grupo Vip Landscape

Grupo Vip Landscape
Stay at the Grupo Vip Landscape

Have you ever found yourself stuck choosing between an indoor or an outdoor pool? Well, that is a choice you do not have to make when you stay at Grupo Vip Landscape, as they have both. It is also conveniently located less than one kilometre from Mucuripe Beach. Nearby, you will find several points of interest including Portugal Square, Abolition Plaza, and the Ceara Image and Sound Museum.

Gran Mareiro Hotel

Gran Mareiro Hotel
Stay at the Gran Mareiro Hotel

Gran Mareiro Hotel features an astounding view of Praia do Futaro, one of the most popular of Fortaleza's beaches. Relax in the on-site sauna then grab a drink at one of the two bars. There is also a game room and a fitness centre.

Where to Eat in Fortaleza, Brazil?

Romantic oceanfront dining is abundant in this tropical paradise. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Fortaleza.

La Pasta Gialla

Just a short walk from the Museu de Fotografia Fortaleza, La Pasta Gialla provides a quiet sanctuary from the chaos of the city. The dim romantic lighting pairs well with the fine Italian cuisine and wine.

Lo Restaurante

Savour fine French food mere minutes from the Ceara Museum of Contemporary Art at Lo Restaurante. This top-shelf steakhouse serves astounding gruyere, causa, monkfish and a wide variety of other delicacies artfully plated with care.

Marcel Restaurant

Customers often remark on the excellent service they receive at Marcel Restaurant. Their menu features an array of seafood, French gastronomy, and exquisite desserts. Some of the more popular dessert options include fruitcake, chocolate souffle, and petit gateau.

What Events to Attend in Fortaleza, Brazil?

Soak up the exciting Brazilian culture during your stay. Plan your trip around one of these incredible events.


One of the most iconic Brazilian traditions is the annual carnival, known as Carnevale. Though the most popular is set in Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza hosts one of these spectacular events as well. They take place in late February and continue into early March.

Dragao Fashion Brazil

Founded in 1999, this world-renowned fashion show serves as a spotlight for both new and established designers. The runway event is accompanied by a series of public performances, debates, lectures, seminars and even practical workshops. Experience the cutting edge of fashion before the rest of the world.

Cine Ceara

The Ibero-American Film Festival showcases the latest films from up-and-coming filmmakers. It is widely considered one of the most important festivals in all of Brazil. While the main festival is located in Miami, this satellite fest is known as Cine Ceara, and it honours the rich history of cinema in Fortaleza.

What is the best airport to travel to and from Fortaleza?

When you rent a private jet to fly to and from Fortaleza, you will land at Pinto Martins - Fortaleza International Airport. It is conveniently located 6 km south of downtown Fortaleza.