Hire a Private Jet to British Virgin Islands Caribbean

The exotic paradise of the BVI is the perfect holiday destination for families or groups of friends. Fly private at the best price to this jewel of the Caribbean with LunaJets.

The British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory that is located about 200km east of Puerto Rico. It is made up of over 50 stunning tropical islands, 15 of which are inhabited, which boast a wealth of natural splendour and wildlife. The islands have succeeded in maintaining their exclusivity over the years, while remaining extremely popular as they provide simple luxury and some of the world’s best white sandy beaches. The turquoise waters around the BVI are perfect for sailing and we strongly recommend chartering a yacht to explore the many little islands and to give you access to some incredible coral reefs. The tropical climate makes the BVI the perfect destination between November and March, providing glorious sunshine to relieve the bleak European winter. The islands are also extremely peaceful and are the ideal place to unwind and relax in complete privacy.

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