Private jet charter between Frankfurt and Munich

The 300 km route between Frankfurt and Munich, Germany, is widely flown by business travellers throughout the year, and leisure travellers mostly fly this route during the summer or during the famous Oktoberfest: the world’s biggest Volksfest held in Munich every year.

Both vibrant and busy cities, private aviation travellers frequently book swift, bespoke flights for work or for their spontaneous jaunts between Frankfurt and Munich.

Contact LunaJets’ experienced team, able to assist you 24/7, to find out about the different private jets you can charter to fly from Frankfurt to Munich, and back, at the best price. The flight between Munich Airport and Frankfurt Am Main Airport takes approximately one hour and 10 minutes, depending on the aircraft you hire. Get in touch for further advice on the private jets you can charter to fly this popular German domestic route.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Munich to Frankfurt?

To fly from Munich to Frankfurt it cost from  5,040 in a Citation Mustang Very Light Jet up to  10,860 in Global 5000 Super Large Jet.

FromToAircraftSeatsEstimated Price
Citation MustangVery Light Jet
Citation CJ3Light Jet
Global 5000Super Large Jet

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