Private jet charter between Abu Dhabi and Paris

LunaJets repeatedly sources private jets for travellers flying from Paris to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to Paris.

Private flights between the French capital and the capital of the Emirates can be completely hassle-free if you entrust LunaJets with your travel arrangements. Our business aviation experts offer a selection of the most suitable private jets for your journey and assist you 24/7; organizing comfortable business and leisure trips between Paris and Abu Dhabi, along with bespoke airport transfers.

Flying from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Paris Le Bourget Airport takes slightly less than seven hours, depending mainly on the jet you choose to hire. The diverse options of aircraft models and airports can be discussed with your LunaJets adviser.

To charter a private jet between Abu Dhabi and Paris, at the best price, contact our team. LunaJets takes care of your itinerary from start to finish.