LunaJets’ air taxi service

Jet taxi

Thanks to new technologies, getting around big cities with a professional driver has become fairly easy. All one needs to do is open a dedicated application and have the driver come to the pick-up location. How about it being possible with an aircraft? This is something we can offer at LunaJets. Our air taxi service allows you to fly to your chosen destination from wherever you are.

Private jet charter in record time

Our air taxi services are available every day at any time. LunaJets’ Private Aviation Advisors are always on hand to arrange your charter flights and help you in urgent situations. May it be for business travel or leisure trips, we will be pleased to make each of your flights an experience tailored to your preferences. Are you looking to rent a plane? Call us or send us an e-mail, we will respond immediately.

Why travel with an air taxi?

Travelling by air taxi is above all about saving time. The amount of time wasted during a journey on a commercial flight is huge, and usually tends to increase. Between boarding, crossing borders and collecting your luggage, significant hours can be lost on a single flight. In the case of a private flight, the same procedure takes a fraction of the time. If you wish, we can arrange your transfers, whether from your home to the airport or from the airport to your final destination, allowing you to save even more time.

In many cases, medium-sized cities are not directly accessible by airplane. Our air taxi service can provide you with aircraft capable of landing on shorter runways and thus able to reach regional airports, making it easier for you to arrive at your destination.

During a regular flight on a commercial airliner, it is difficult to be in the sole company of the people with whom you are travelling. Using a jet taxi allows you to enjoy a private setting with the entourage of your choice.

LunaJets, always at your service

Whether your flight on a commercial airliner was cancelled or you have to travel last-minute to a destination which is not covered by commercial aviation, there is a solution: call an air taxi.

Be it for an important event in your personal life or a decisive business meeting, we are ready for any type of situation. We can arrange a charter flight for you as quickly as possible so that you can get to your destination fully relaxed.

Booking an air taxi is also ideal for people who have a series of meetings occurring in several different cities on the same day. By using this mode of travel, you can attend appointments located hundreds of kilometres from one another on the same day.

High-quality air taxi services

Our air taxi service is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We will provide you with an exclusive and customised service. You can choose any type of aircraft. From Turboprops and Small Jets to Large Jets and VIP Airliners, we are ready to help you charter the most suitable aircraft for your trip.

Also, we adapt to our customers' wishes: would you like to be greeted by a driver when exiting the airport, for instance? Simply let your LunaJets Advisor know. With over 11 years of experience and a strong network of partners, we are able to meet all your requirements, even the most challenging ones. Feel free to contact our air taxi service any time as we will promptly respond to your enquiry and arrange your flight right away.