The highly anticipated Bombardier Learjet 85 is planned for this year!

The aircraft is assembled at Bombardier's plant in Wichita, Kansas, and we all eagerly await the arrival of this futuristically designed jet. The Learjet 85 is an original cabin category halfway between midsize and supersize.
Its cabin is larger, more comfortable than current mid-size jets such as the Learjet 60.  It combines beauty and performance for a superior quality flight experience.  On the picture cabin size compared to competitive jets. The aircraft will be capable of reaching a cruising speed of 541 mph but the most impressive is its ability to fly at least 3000 NM with 4 passengers!  It flies faster and farther than all Learjets ever designed. Its newly engineered Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307B engines, ensure an optimal level of performance and efficiency while maintaining low noise levels.

The jet is equipped with the latest technologies such as the synthetic vision system designed to improve pilot performance and increase visibility in difficult conditions.  But the innovation does not stop there because the cockpit is based on the use of iPads for viewing navigation maps.  In short, the Learjet 85 business jet incorporates drastic advances in terms of aerodynamism, fuselage, efficiency and comfort.

Passengers will appreciate its smart interior, with an intelligent management of the main cabin’s "double club" seat configuration, and reclining seats to provide comfort similar to a bed.  Thanks to a generous 71 cm between rows, passengers have more space than ever to stretch their legs and relax.  Tall passengers will no longer have to compromise their seating position. To conclude, the Learjer 85’s design and cabin are an innovative and inspiring combination, we await anxiously to discover it for 2013.

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