LunaJets becomes the first non-US Argus certified online booking platform

Founded in 2008 as a young internet start up, LunaJets, (based at Geneva airport) is today the leading private jet booking platform, with a growth superior to 30 % per  year (over 2000 flights),  and the first company to raise private aviation industry standards in Europe! We are therefore very honoured and pleased to inform you that we are the first private jet online booking platform to obtain the ARGUS Broker Certification outside of the United States (aviation equivalent to ISO). This certification testifies to our excellent professional procedures, operator ratings and code of ethics.

ARGUS, based in Cincinnati, is a specialized aviation services company whose mission is to provide the aviation marketplace with data and information necessary to make informed decisions and manage risk.

We were audited by the strictest codes in the business aviation industry and are with this certification now recognised as a professional charter broker, operating in what is still, unfortunately, an unregulated industry. In order to reassure clients and prospects, we were the very first company to voluntarily request an independent certification process. LunaJets' extensive in-house employee training program and employee detailed industry knowledge meet ARGUS’ strict standards.

This great achievement not only confirms LunaJets' financial stability and reporting in accordance to strict Swiss law, but also that the code of ethics adhered by LunaJets protects the best interest of our clients, for each and every private jet flight. In addition to that, the newly won classification verifies that LunaJets' communication and marketing material is truthful and legal.

LunaJets meets the best industry standards in selecting and working with the most reliable and trusted operators in the world, and the operational procedures, before, during and after each flight, are approved and confirmed by ARGUS’ independent auditors.

“LunaJets is very proud to achieve this important milestone,” said Eymeric Segard, Founder and CEO of LunaJets. “I must thank ARGUS and especially all my colleagues at LunaJets, for without their hard work and dedication, this certification would not have been possible. This certification proves that the procedures and values at LunaJets meet the strictest standard of professional conduct in the industry. We always considered this certification rating as a way to further improve the intermediary role we hold between operators and our loyal clientele.”

“We receive this certification as a better and stronger charter broker than we were before, and the first outside the United States. We sincerely thank ARGUS and BACA for their dedication to regulate our industry."

For more information about the ARGUS Certification please do not hesitate to contact the LunaJets team on +41 22 782 12 12 or by email at